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Saxony-Anhalt welcomes, supports and encourages those foreigners who live here permanently and wish to acquire German citizenship. To obtain a German passport, you can be naturalized. In this way, one acquires German citizenship and can participate in social and political life on an equal footing.

Naturalization brings many advantages for you. You are free to choose your profession, you will have the right to vote, you can be elected yourself, you will receive protection against expulsion and extradition and you will receive consular protection abroad at any time from the German missions abroad. In addition, as a German, you can travel to many other countries without a visa.

special notes for - kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

Naturalisation is not automatic, but only upon application.

Which documents are required depends on the individual case.

  • A certified copy or a copy of the original is usually sufficient for the documents.
  • Civil status documents and passport must be presented in the original.
  • In the case of foreign-language documents, a translation is also required.

Note: Let the naturalisation authority advise you at an early stage on which documents you need to submit.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

The following documents are required for your naturalisation application. (Originals must be submitted, copies must be made before delivery)

  • Completed form application
  • Birth certificate (apostille or legalisation) of you (original and translation)
  • Birth certificate (apostille or legalisation) of the children (original and translation)
  • Marriage certificate, possibly also for previous marriages (original and translation)
  • certified copy of the family book (for marriage until 31.12.2008)
  • Proof of dissolution of previous marriages (e.g. death certificate, divorce decree)
  • handwritten CV (detailed and not tabulated)
  • Photograph from more recent times
  • Proof of nationality (identity card, certificate of nationality, national passport, travel document) with residence permit or certificate of free movement (copies of all pages, except blank pages)
  • Proof of special status (entitlement to asylum, refugee)
  • Proof or written declaration of military service in the home country
  • Citizenship card of the spouse, residence certificate of the registration authority, federal identity card, identity card or passport of the former GDR
  • Certificates (all school certificates) or leaving certificate
  • Proof of vocational training and its completion
  • Proof of continuing vocational training and its completion
  • Proof of studies and their degree
  • Certificate of enrolment (certificate of study period) or school certificate
  • Proof of kindergarten attendance
  • Proof of completion of integration course or German course (certificate) B 1 (TELC, DSH or Goethe-Institut)
  • Naturalisation test
  • Proof of employment since residence in Germany or the last eight years
  • Business registration / business deregistration
  • Confirmation by the employer of the type and duration of the employment relationship or employment contract
  • Certificates of earnings from the employer for the last three months (also from the spouse)
  • Proof of family income (child benefit, housing benefit, maintenance obligations or receipt of maintenance payments, parental allowance)
  • BAföG notification
  • Notification according to SGB II or unemployment benefit notice
  • Pension notice or basic security notice
  • Determination of profits according to § 4 EStG of the last two years
  • Business evaluation of the current calendar year
  • Forecast from the tax consultant
  • Proof of health, pension insurance, protection for old age (amount of contribution)
  • Proof of real estate (land register extract) or assets
  • Rental agreement with current proof of the amount of rent

Which documents are necessary for the processing will be clarified with you in a personal consultation.
In addition to the original, German translations of documents in a foreign language are required by a sworn interpreter or translator.
Please do not sign the completed naturalisation application until the application is submitted in the presence of the staff member.

There are fees for naturalization. If the application is withdrawn or rejected, the fee will be reduced.

Additional costs may be incurred in individual cases for the presentation of civil status certificates, proof of civic knowledge, language skills and for the surrender of previous nationality.

Administration Fee: 51,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
Fee for the co-naturalisation of minor children without their own income

Administration Fee: 255,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
Fee for naturalization

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt
  • 255 Euro for adults
  • 51 euros for minors who are naturalised together with their parents (parents)
  • 255 euros for minors naturalized without their parents (parent)

Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the competent authority.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

The requirements are explained in advance in a personal consultation.

The objection and specialist supervisory authority is the State Administration Office.

Naturalization authorities are the districts and district-free cities. Contact the naturalization authority of the county or city in whose area you live.

  • If you live in Dessau-Roßlau, Halle (Saale) or Magdeburg, the city administration is responsible for naturalization.
  • If you live in a municipality belonging to the district, the district administration is the naturalisation authority.

For naturalization, you must submit a written application. If you have reached the age of 16, you can apply for naturalisation yourself. If you are not yet 16 years old, the legal representatives - usually the parents - must submit the application.

Hint: Before you submit the application, you should have a consultation with your naturalisation authority. This may save you time and unnecessary queries.

Upon presentation of all required documents, your naturalisation authority will try to process your naturalisation application quickly. Under certain circumstances, a longer period of time may pass before naturalisation, as the procedure for dismissal from previous nationality is often time-consuming.

Note: Youare obliged to cooperate in the naturalisation procedure.

If your naturalisation requires the surrender of your previous nationality, you will receive an assurance of naturalisation if all other requirements are met. This allows you to take the necessary steps for dismissal from your previous nationality. The naturalisation assurance is generally valid for two years and can be extended if necessary.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

An appointment is mandatory for the interview. Please make an appointment online.

It is strongly recommended to seek advice before applying for naturalisation. Advice is currently provided exclusively by e-mail. Please send a request for consultation to staatsangehoerigkeit@halle.de

The naturalization certificate will be handed over to you personally in a naturalization ceremony. In the course of the naturalization ceremony, you will solemnly declare orally that you respect the Basic Law and the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and will refrain from anything that could harm the Federal Republic of Germany. This solemn confession is intended to reaffirm the commitment to the free democratic basic order made in writing in the application for naturalisation. With the handing over of the naturalization certificate, the naturalization becomes effective. You are then a German citizen.

With your naturalization certificate, you go to your registration office and apply for your Germanidentity card. As a German or German, you must own it, but you do not have to carry it with you all the time. You will need a passport if you are planning a trip abroad for which the identity card is not sufficient. Your registration authority will advise you here.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

Information on naturalisation can be found on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Halle (Saale), Stadt

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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