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Official journal


Official announcements of, for example, legal texts, tenders, statutes or agendas of political bodies are published in the own official gazette of the responsible ministries or the respective municipality. These notices are basic prerequisites for the effectiveness of legally valid regulations.

Accordingly, official publications at federal, state and local level are possible. They can be made available to readers online or in paper form.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

Team Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214013
+49 345 2214027

Mon: by appointment
Tuesday: by appointment
Wed: by appointment
Thu: by appointment
Fri: by appointment
Sat: closed
Sun: closed

elevator available, wheelchair-accessible

Part of: Department of the Lord Mayor > Office of the Lord Mayor


  • Strategic PR and topic management
  • Political advice to the Lord Mayor and the aldermen on PR issues
  • Issuing press releases for the Lord Mayor and the aldermen
  • Conception, research, editing of speeches of the Lord Mayor
  • Public relations work on key topics
  • Answering and managing press inquiries to the city administration
  • Publication of the Official Journal
  • Website of the City of Halle (Saale)
  • Intranet of the city administration
  • Support of the social media channels of the city administration
  • Publications, Corporate Design
  • Stadtbildstelle and Bild-Redaktion

Management: Drago Bock (Press Officer)


Fr. Frauke Strauß

Position: Editor of the Official Journal
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214016
+49 345 2214027
Team Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Hr. Peter Godazgar

Position: Deputy Spokesman
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214014
+49 345 2214027

Hr. Thomas Ziegler

Position: City photographer, photo editor
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214747
+49 345 2214027

Fr. Martina Thiel

Position: Online Editor halle.de and Intranet
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214118
+49 345 2214027

Hr. Michael Falgowski

Position: Employees Team Press
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214126
+49 345 2214027

Hr. Drago Bock

Position: Press officer
Marktplatz 1
06108 Halle (Saale), Stadt
+49 345 2214123
+49 345 2214027

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