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Federal Voluntary Service


The new Federal Voluntary Service offers citizens the opportunity to get involved in social, cultural, ecological or other fields of activity oriented towards the common good.

From 1 July 2011, the following key points will apply:

  • Standard duration 12 months, minimum 6, maximum 24 months
  • Work clothes, accommodation and meals can be provided or the costs reimbursed.
  • pocket money; currently 330,00 Euro
  • The contributions for pension, accident, health, long-term care and unemployment insurance are paid by the employment agency.
  • Accompanying seminars
  • Conclusion of an agreement between the volunteer and the Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks (BAFzA)

How do you become a volunteer in the Federal Voluntary Service?

  • Address the institution directly or search via the place exchange on the website of the Federal Voluntary Service
  • Application directly at the placement site
  • Conclude written agreement

Areas of application of the Federal Voluntary Service:

  • Social issues (child and youth welfare, youth work, welfare, health and elderly care, assistance for the disabled)
  • Environmental and nature conservation
  • Sport
  • Integration
  • Cultural and monument preservation
  • Education
  • Civil protection and civil protection

Documents may be required. Contact the competent authority.

There are no fees.

Responsibility lies with the Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks

You can find the regional supervisor responsible for you on the website of the Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks.

This service description has been approved by:

Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks
Sibille-Hartmann-Str. 2-8
50969 Cologne

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