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Apply for transfer short-time allowance


If your company has to cut jobs permanently, for example if a department has to be closed for economic reasons, you may be entitled to transfer short-time allowance. The employees affected by the permanent loss of work are grouped together in a company organisational unit. You can receive transfer short-time allowance for these employees.

As an employer or transfer company, you apply, pay and settle the transfer short-time allowance. When paying wages and salaries to your employees, you are therefore first making advance payments. Your employees don't have to do anything.

The transfer short-time allowance is settled monthly retrospectively with the Federal Employment Agency at the location of the payroll accounting office and paid to you retroactively.

The amount of the transfer short-time allowance depends on the respective income of your employees:

  • 60 percent of the lost net wage for employees without children in the household
  • 67 percent of the lost net wage for employees with at least one child in the household.

You will receive the transfer short-time allowance

  • at the earliest from the calendar month in which the notification of the loss of work was received by the Employment Agency, and
  • for a maximum of 12 months.

However, you cannot receive the transfer short-time allowance at the same time as the short-time allowance or the seasonal short-time allowance.

Before you receive transfer short-time allowance, you may be preceded by funding for participation in a transfer measure. The transfer short-time allowance and the promotion of transfer measures can be sensibly coordinated. Seek advice on this from your employment agency.

Minimum requirements:

  • In order for you to receive transfer short-time allowance, you must first carry out a transfer consultation with the Employment Agency.

Operational requirements:

  • Because of changes in your company, you have to cut jobs.
  • The job cuts in your company are permanent and unavoidable.
  • You have reported the loss of your job to your employment agency (notification of loss of work in an independent unit in terms of operational organisation)
  • The affected workers are cared for in an organizational unit (transfer company).
  • The care of the employees is documented (transfer folder).
  • You support your employees with suitable placement proposals and qualification measures.

Personal requirements:

  • Their workers are at risk of unemployment and have registered as jobseekers.
  • There is still an employment relationship subject to compulsory insurance.
  • Your employees are not excluded from receiving short-time work compensation.
  • As a rule, their employees have already taken part in a measure to determine their integration prospects, such as an application seminar or further qualification.
  • Their workers are actively involved in job placement.

Other prerequisites:

The transfer short-time allowance must not be used to subsequently re-employ those affected in your company, company or group.

  • Notification of loss of work, additionally:
    • If applicable, works agreement with the works council on transfer short-time work
    • if necessary, opinion of the works council
    • if applicable, copy of the applicable collective agreement(s)
    • Social plan, reconciliation of interests
    • Model contract for employees
    • Certification transfer company
  • Application for transfer short-time allowance, additionally:
    • Settlement list for the transfer short-time allowance – Appendix to the benefit application

If necessary, further required documents will be requested from your employment agency.

Before concluding the social plan or reconciliation of interests, you must take advantage of a transfer consultation with the Employment Agency.

Forms available: Yes
Written form required: Yes
Informal application possible: No
Personal appearance required: No
Online services available: Yes

You can apply for transfer short-time allowance in writing and online. The procedure is multi-stage. First, contact your employment agency for transfer advice. Then you indicate the loss of work, then submit the application.

  • You take advantage of a transfer consultation with your employment agency.
  • They conclude a social plan for the reconciliation of interests.
  • You announce to your employees the transition to a transfer company and the receipt of transfer short-time allowance. Often, a works agreement is concluded with the works council for this purpose. If there is no works council, you must obtain the consent of all employees who will be affected.
  • You report your loss of jobs in writing to your employment agency (form: notification of loss of work in an independent unit in terms of operational organisation).
  • The Employment Agency examines the notification and decides whether transfer short-time allowance can be approved.
  • They calculate the wage and salary payments as well as the transfer short-time allowance on a monthly basis.
  • You pay the transfer short-time allowance to your employees and pay the social security contributions.
  • You apply for reimbursement of the transfer short-time allowance retroactively on a monthly basis at your office of the Employment Agency (application for transfer short-time allowance and payroll list).
  • The Employment Agency checks the application and the payroll list, and approved transfer short-time allowance is transferred. You will receive a written notification of this.
  • Your invoiced reference periods will be finally reviewed after the end of the receipt of transfer short-time allowance.

If you want to apply for the transfer short-time allowance online:

  • You submit the notification of loss of work, the application for transfer short-time allowance and, if applicable, other documents via the UploadService. "Transfer short-time allowance" of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • The remaining procedural steps are the same as the written procedure.

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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