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Register for the exam Basic qualification of professional drivers


If you want to transport goods or people by road for work, you must prove the so-called basic qualification for professional drivers in addition to the driving license.

This applies to drivers of vehicles with a permissible gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tonnes for road haulage and own account transport or of vehicles with more than eight passenger seats for passenger transport, insofar as a C or D class driving licence is required to drive the vehicle/vehicle combination.

If you have already acquired your driving licence before 10.9.2008 (bus) or 10.9.2009 (truck), you do not have to prove a basic qualification ("acquis").

Training as a professional driver is also recognised as a basic qualification for passenger and freight transport. Training as a specialist in driving operations is only recognised as a basic qualification for passenger transport, training as a road attendant and as a plant firefighter only for freight transport.

The Basic Qualification exam consists of a theory exam and a practical exam.

You do not have to attend preparatory lessons to take the exam.

A driving licence is also not required at the time of taking the test.

If you have certificates of specialist knowledge in accordance with the Regulations on Access to the Profession for Road Haulage and Passenger Transport (GBZugV and PBZugV), facilitations are provided for in the theoretical parts of the examination. However, you must take the practical exam in full.

The type of examination differs depending on the prerequisites:

1. Standard examination "Basic qualification"

You must take the standard examination if you can neither provide proof of a specialist examination for road haulage or passenger transport ("transport manager examination") for the type of transport concerned, nor have you successfully passed an examination (accelerated) basic qualification for the other type of transport.

2. Changeover exam "Basic qualification"

You can take the "Transfer" exam if you have already successfully passed the standard test for the type of transport that is not the subject of the transfer exam. For example, the accelerated initial qualification "transfers" training only deals with the special features of the type of transport. For example, the future bus driver is given the knowledge of how to behave in relation to passengers, as this was not part of his first initial qualification in freight transport. This also applies to drivers who obtained the licence for the other mode of transport before the relevant reference date (acquis).

3. Lateral entrant examination "Basic qualification"

You can take the "Lateral entrant" exam if you have valid proof of a specialist examination for the type of transport for which the examination is to be taken. Since the specialist examination does not test all the knowledge that a driver must have, you must also acquire the basic qualification as the holder of a specialist certificate.

  • For the basic qualification test, you need a suitable test vehicle for the acceptance of the practical examination. If you do not have the opportunity to provide a suitable test vehicle, the IHK can provide you with a suitable test vehicle upon request.
  • Furthermore, you must provide a driving instructor for the practical test, who is in possession of a valid driving instructor license for driving licence classes CE for freight transport or DE for passenger transport. If you do not have the opportunity to provide a driving instructor who meets the above requirements, the IHK can provide a corresponding driving instructor on request.

In order to be admitted to the examination, you must submit the following documents to the responsible IHK with your registration:

  1. Rule check:
  • No evidence required
  1. Newcomers:
  • Proof of the type of transport that is not the subject of the transfer examination - proof of a passed examination "basic qualification" / "accelerated basic qualification" according to BKrFQG or
  • Driving licence with a valid entry of the key number 95 or
  • a driving licence with a category of driving licence obtained before the relevant reference date, or
  • a driver qualification card in accordance with Annex II to Directive 2003/59/EC of 15 July 2003 (OJ No L 226/4 of 10.9.2003), or
  • a driver attestation in accordance with Appendix 3 BKrFQV, or
  • a driver attestation in accordance with Section 5 paragraph 3 BKrFQV
  1. Career changers
  • Certificate of competence in accordance with the model set out in Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009 for the type of transport which is the subject of the lateral entrant examination.

As a rule, you will receive your notification about passing or failing the exam about 2 weeks after taking the exam.

Contact the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

  • Forms: Registration for the exam
  • Online procedure possible: partially
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: yes, for the exam

You register for the examination at the locally responsible IHK and the examination dates (theoretical and practical examination) will be coordinated.

  • The Chamber of Industry and Commerce will confirm your registration for the exam
  • You take the theory test.
  • After passing the theory test, the practical exam takes place.

After passing both parts of the test, you will receive a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which you will submit to the driving licence office.

Journeys for specific purposes, such as:

  • Police vehicles, fire brigades, emergency rescue by recognised rescue services carrying out transport within the scope of their tasks
  • Agricultural and forestry transport

are exempt from the obligation.

§ 2 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 Berufskraftfahrerqualifikationsgesetz (BKrFQG)

§ 1 Professional Driver Qualification Ordinance (BKrFQV)

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

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