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Request deletion from professional register for tax advisors


The professional register is maintained by the responsible Chamber of Tax Consultants. Upon receipt of your waiver, the corresponding entry in the register will be deleted. Subsequently, you will no longer be listed in the professional register as a tax consultant. If a registered person has died, the waiver can be made by third parties.

You are a tax consultant, tax agent or member of a tax consultancy company, registered in the professional register but no longer active.

  • In principle, an informal declaration is possible, if necessary, the Chamber of Tax Advisors responsible for you may also offer an optional form.
  • If the waiver is made because the registered person has died, the death certificate must also be submitted.
  • You can specify in the application the date on which your entry should be deleted from the register. Retroactive deletion from the register is not possible.
  • If the deletion is to take place due to the death of a registered person, this will be done immediately after receipt of the waiver.

Contact the Chamber of Tax Advisors.

  • Forms: no
  • OnlineService: no
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: no

You must report the deletion to the Chamber of Tax Advisors responsible for you.

The deletion from the register will be confirmed to you in writing.

Senate Department of Finance Berlin (SenFin)

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