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Applying for registration in the professional register for tax advisors


You must apply for entry in the professional register of tax consultants at the Chamber of Tax Consultants responsible for you.

The following information must be registered:

  • If you are appointed as a tax advisor or tax representative in the district for which the register is kept. The following must be entered:
    • surname, first name,
    • Date of birth, place of birth
    • Date of appointment and the authority or chamber of tax consultants that made the appointment
    • Authority to use the designation "Agricultural Accountancy Office" and designations according to the Fachberaterordnung
    • Address of professional establishment and business e-mail address
    • professional associations within the meaning of § 56 paragraphs 1 - 3 of the Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG)
    • all other counselling centres and the names of the persons in charge of the other counselling centres
    • Name and address of the authorised representative within the meaning of § 46 (2) no. 5 StBerG
    • Existence of a professional ban within the meaning of § 90 paragraph 1 no. 4 StBerG and, if a representative has been appointed, the appointment of a representative stating the surname and first name of the representative

If there are any changes for you, you must report them to the Chamber of Tax Consultants. After notification, they are entered in the professional register.

You are a tax consultant, tax advisor, tax representative or tax representative and would like to apply for an entry in the professional register.

As a rule, an informal application is sufficient. Depending on the Chamber of Tax Consultants, you may have to submit a completed membership registration form for registration. Please ask your local Chamber of Tax Consultants.

Contact the Chamber of Tax Consultants.

  • Forms: For most chambers of tax consultants there is a predefined membership registration form
  • Online service: no
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: no

You must submit your application to the Chamber of Tax Consultants responsible for you.

Your inclusion in the register will be confirmed to you in writing.

Senate Department for Finance Berlin (SenFin)

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