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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for further approval for housing benefit


Housing benefit is usually granted for 12 months. In order to receive housing benefit without interruption after 12 months, you should submit a new application in good time. The housing benefit authority will check the requirements for your entitlement again.

  • You have enough income to pay your living expenses, but not the cost of housing
  • They go to work, but don't earn enough
  • As a pensioner or resident of nursing homes, you lack the money
  • As a student, you are not entitled to BAfÖG or receive it as a full loan
  • You receive unemployment benefit or short-time working allowance

You must attach proof to the completed application for further authorisation.

• Up-to-date proof of your rent or charge, especially:

• Bank statements showing the amount of the current rent

• up-to-date utility bill,

• for owners: proof of the existing loans you have taken out for the purchase, construction or modernisation of your home or condominium,

• for residential property: current property tax assessment.

• Proof of income of all household members, e.g.

• Payroll accounting of the last months,

• current pension notice,

• current notification of the receipt of other social benefits (e.g.

unemployment benefit, parental allowance, maintenance advance, sickness benefit),

• proof of alimony payments,

• Proof of interest and other investment income (e.g. savings accounts, time deposits, call money, home savings contracts, funds); in particular, tax certificates.

• Other evidence (if available), e.g.

• Severely disabled pass and

• Notification of long-term care insurance benefits.

In order for your application to be processed in time, you should submit the application 2 months before the end of the approval period.

Example: Your housing allowance expires on 31.3. Then submit the application approximately on 1.2.

Housing Benefit Authority

Written form required: Yes

Personal appearance required: No

As a person entitled to housing benefit, you yourself must submit the application.

After checking your income and costs, you will be granted the housing benefit if you are entitled to it.

The approval and the amount of the payment will be communicated to you in writing.

If your financial situation or living circumstances have changed, there may also be a reduction in housing benefit.

You are obliged to notify the housing benefit authority immediately of any changes that may lead to a reduction in the housing benefit. To ensure that you do not receive housing benefit unjustly, the housing benefit authority regularly checks the household members through a so-called data comparison.

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