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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Senior Citizens' Representation


The Landesseniorenvertretung Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. is voluntary, non-denominational and non-partisan. It does not pursue any economic objectives and its members do not receive any donations.

The following areas of responsibility fall within their area of responsibility:

  • It advises the members of their own generation about the individual possibilities in the personal sphere of life with the aim of promoting activities and independence and maintaining them as long as possible.
  • It informs the public about fundamental possibilities and developments in the policy of the elderly, also with the aim of encouraging older citizens to actively participate in all situations of life.
  • It advises the council and administration as well as those responsible for the elderly and other institutions relevant to the elderly in the run-up to decisions on planning and measures relevant to the older generation.

An overview of the addresses of the State Senior Citizens' Representation and the Senior Citizens' Councils can be found here.


Every two years, a senior citizens' forum is held by the state parliament and the Landesseniorenvertretung Sachsen-Anhalt e. V. The aim is not only to bring the interests and problems of older people more into the public eye, but also to incorporate the concerns of senior citizens more tangibly into state politics.

Further information on the resolutions and the Senior Citizens' Forum can be found here.

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