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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a building permit for the construction of a plant


Before you can erect a facility that requires a permit, you need a building permit.

For this purpose, you submit a building application to the responsible lower building supervisory authority. Depending on the project, you as the building owner may need the support of an authorized design draftsman (e.g. civil engineer or architect).

  • Complete building application
  • Building project is in compliance with public law regulations
  • If not, you can apply for deviations with the building application
  • Building application (via online service or form)
  • Excerpt from the official real estate cadastre
  • Site plan
  • Construction drawings
  • Building description

If applicable:

  • Proof of stability
  • Fire protection certificate
  • Information about the secured development

Please ask your local building supervisory authority which documents you have to submit for your specific building project.

The cost depends on the following factors:

  • Effort required to review your building application
  • Expected cost of construction

at least 50 €

Fees for a building permit for every € 500 or part thereof of the chargeable building value = € 5

Period of Validity: 3 Years
You must start construction work within 3 years. Otherwise, the building permit will lose its validity. This also applies if you interrupt the construction work for more than 2 years. You can extend the deadline by 1 year. For this you must apply for the extension.

The building supervisory authority will decide on your building application within 3 months. The period begins with the confirmed date of receipt.

Exception: The authority can extend the deadline by a maximum of 2 months if there is an important reason. If the deadline is extended, you will be informed by the competent lower building supervisory authority, stating the reasons and the expected date of the decision.

lower building supervisory authority

Forms/online services available: yes

Written form required: no

Informal application possible: no

Personal appearance required: no

You apply for a building permit for the construction of a facility via online service or form.

When using the form, proceed as follows:

  • Complete the form.
  • Attach the required construction documents.
  • Submit the application documents to the relevant lower building supervisory authority.
  • If applicable, the lower building supervisory authority will ask you to make an advance fee payment.
  • Make the advance payment.
  • If documents are missing or if there are other ambiguities, you will be requested to rectify these ambiguities.
  • In this case, submit the missing or adjusted documents or the clarification.
  • The lower building supervisory authority will review your application and involve the municipality and necessary agencies.
  • You will then receive the building permit and a fee notice.
  • Pay the fees.

If you have a building permit, you must file a Notice of Commencement of Construction with the Lower Building Inspectorate at least one week prior to commencing construction of the facility.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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