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Vehicle registration number Red insurance number Apply for allocation


As a reliable trader in the vehicle industry (e.g. car manufacturers, car dealers, car workshops), you can apply for the red license plate for vehicles that are not registered.

You may only use red license plates for the following trips:

  • Test drives: Determination and proof of usability
  • Test drives: Carrying out the test of a vehicle by
    • officially recognised experts, or
    • an inspector for motor vehicle traffic, or
    • a test engineer from an officially recognised monitoring organisation
  • Transfer trips: The vehicle should be moved to another location.

The registration authority assigns the red number plate for a limited period of time or revocable. No vehicle is permanently assigned.

You can use it:

  • multiple
  • but only for your own business and
  • for the permitted journeys

As a private individual, you will not receive a red license plate.

With the red license plate you must use the special vehicle registration booklet. The license plate number always starts with "06".

Hint: Vehicles with this license plate are tax-privileged. They are subject to a flat-rate motor vehicle tax.

You must

  • prove your personal reliability,
  • have a registered business with a vehicle reference and
  • demonstrate a need for such a mark.

Additional requirements are:

  • You must not have any arrears of fees and expenses from previous registration procedures.In the case of payment arrears of more than 30 euros, the registration authority may not register your vehicle until you have paid them. For less than 30 euros, the registration authority can decide whether or not to allow the vehicle anyway.
  • You may not have car tax debts of five euros or more. When calculating the amount, late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges are also taken into account.
  • If someone is to represent you in the application, you must give this person a written power of attorney. This must also include a declaration of consent that the licensing authority may inform the authorised person about arrears of fees and expenses. Your representative must present the power of attorney and identify themselves.
  • valid identity card or passport of the traders
  • for representation: additional
    • written power of attorney
    • valid identity card or passport of the authorised person
  • Declaration on the collection of motor vehicle tax (SEPA direct debit mandate)
  • Current business registration
  • for legal entities: additional
    • Excerpt from the commercial register
    • Identity cards of all members of the management board or persons with power of attorney
  • Insurance confirmation (eVB code)
  • Current proof of reliability, e.B.:
    • Information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct)
    • Information from the Central Trade Register
    • Information from the Central Traffic Register at the Federal Motor Transport Authority
  • if no application form is provided: additional written explanations of the need

Note: You will receive the insurance confirmation of the motor vehicle liability insurance from the insurance company of your choice. Usually you can request them by phone.

Fees by administrative burden

Check with the relevant authority.

Note: Additional costs apply for the license plates.

Please contact the competent licensing authority.

You or your representative must apply for the assignment of the red number plate to the competent registration authority.

Depending on the offer of your licensing authority, a form is available for download or an online service via the Internet.

You will receive the red license plate and the vehicle registration booklet from the registration authority.

Tip: License plates are available from private providers. They can usually be found near the regulatory authority.

The registration authority automatically informs your insurance company about the allocation of the red license plate.

Since February 2014, the Federal Customs Administration has been responsible for the taxation of motor vehicles.Further information and forms on the subject of "motor vehicle tax" can be found on the website of the Customs Administration.

Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport

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