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Have the vehicle taken out of service


Since 1 March 2007, there is no longer a distinction between temporary and permanent closure. A vehicle has either "registered" or "decommissioned" status. One of the consequences of this is that vehicles are re-registered for a maximum of 7 years without new acceptance. Only a general inspection is required. This makes things easier for the owner, who also saves the cost of a new acceptance.
Return journeys after removal of the stamp plates may be carried out with the unstamped number plates in the registration district shown on the license plate and in the adjacent district on the day of deregistration (decommissioning) until 24 o'clock at the latest. The number plates must be attached to the vehicle. When driving, you must take the shortest route (without detour).

  • Registration certificate I (old: vehicle registration document), if the owner appears in person.
    If a commissioned person carries out the decommissioning, he must submit an informal declaration prepared by the holder, from which the authorization is apparent.
  • If the vehicle was registered to a legal person, the registration certificate II must always be presented.
    - In the case of a registered transfer by way of security, the presentation of the registration certificate II is replaced by the written consent of the bank for decommissioning.
  • License plates
  • Type approval for vehicles not subject to registration, such as light motorcycles
  • informal declaration of whereabouts or proof of destruction (for disposal of cars and small trucks up to 3.5t total weight abroad or their recycling in Germany)

Fee: 6,90 EUR
Payment in advance: No
Decommissioning within and outside the registration district. In individual cases, additional costs may be added to the basic fee.

Please note an important innovation regarding the reallocation of the license plate:

Vehicles that are taken out of service from 01.03.07 no longer automatically "keep" "their" license plate. In the future, this will be released again after a short period of time by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). If you then want to use this license plate again for later re-registration, you should definitely have your license plate reserved in advance with the registration authority.

For vehicles that were decommissioned before 01.03.2007 according to the old law, the license plates will only be released 18 months after decommissioning.

The competent authority is the licensing authority of your district or your independent city.
However, vehicles can also be deregistered in any other city/county.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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