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Apply for VAT identification number


Your VAT identification number (VAT ID number) is used to uniquely identify your company.

You will need this number whenever you

  • carry out a commercial or professional activity independently, and
  • want to participate as an entrepreneur in the trade and services of the European internal market.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or do not purchase goods and services for your company, you will receive the number, the VAT ID number. but as a legal person for intra-Community acquisitions.

In the case of a VAT group, you will receive a separate VAT ID number for each legal entity upon request.

You will receive the VAT ID No. than

  • Entrepreneurs within the meaning of the Value Added Tax Act (§ 2 UStG) or
  • other legal entity if you need the number for intra-Community acquisitions.

The number must have been disclosed to you before you participate in the movement of goods and services in the European internal market for the first time. Therefore, submit the application in good time.

  • Forms: Yes
  • Online procedure possible: Yes
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: no

Your VAT ID No. you can apply online or in writing.

If you want to submit the application online:

  • Call up the form "Application for issuance or resence of an already issued VAT identification number" in the Form Management System (FMS) of the Federal Finance Administration.
  • Follow the instructions and submit the online application.
  • You will receive your VAT ID number. by post.

If you want to submit the application in writing:

  • Write to the Federal Central Tax Office a letter, e-mail or fax with the content that a VAT ID no. is to be granted. Your application must include your name and address, the responsible tax office and the tax number under which you will be listed for VAT purposes.
  • You will receive your VAT ID number. by post.

You can use a VAT ID Number. also apply to the responsible tax office as part of the tax registration, for example when you register a new company. To do this, tick in the "Questionnaire for Tax Registration" that you have a VAT ID No. need. The number will also be communicated in this case by post by the Federal Central Tax Office.

Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF)

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