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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Deregister a motor vehicle


You can deregister your motor vehicle with the competent registration authority,

  • if you intend to sell it,
  • if you temporarily do not use it, or
  • if you want to have it recycled.

With the decommissioning (deregistration) the registration of the vehicle for public road traffic is terminated. The most common reason for this is the sale of the vehicle. Another common reason is the temporary non-use of motorcycles over the winter months.

  • After deregistration, you no longer have to pay insurance and taxes for the vehicle.
  • The registration authority therefore informs your car insurance company and the customs administration, which collects the vehicle tax, about the deregistration.
  • The vehicle may no longer be driven or parked on public roads after deregistration.
  • The deregistration can be made at any licensing authority.
  • You can reserve your license plate for one year for the purpose of re-registration.

Unsubscribing via the Internet
You can also deregister your vehicle yourself via the website of the competent registration authority.
Prerequisites for this are

  • an identity card with electronic proof of identity function,
  • new stamp stickers on the license plates and
  • a new registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document).

Concealed but exposable security codes are applied to the new stamp stickers and the new registration certificate.
This is the case with the stamp stickers on an externally visible print piece no. and in the case of the registration certificate Part I (the vehicle registration document) by a silver sticker.

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Unit LA 23

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