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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Perform cremation


The cremation consists of 2 elements, namely the cremation of the deceased person and the subsequent burial of the urn with the ashes.

Cremation (cremation) may only be carried out in a coffin.

The urn with the ashes must be buried in a cemetery. The type of grave depends on the offer of the community or the church respectively. Religious community that runs the cemetery.

The following funerals are permitted by law:

  • in the earth,
  • in an urn stele,
  • in an urn wall,
  • in an underground crypt or
  • in an above-ground grave building.

With the consent of the church, the urn may also be buried in a church. A sea burial is not allowed in waters in Saxony-Anhalt. If the deceased person has requested a sea burial and other legal provisions do not preclude it, the body may be transferred to a place where a sea burial is permitted.

In some communities, "burials in the forest" are offered. The prerequisite is a corresponding dedication of this area as a cemetery.

  • Carrying out the two post-mortem examinations, this does not apply to miscarriages,
  • notarisation of the death,
    • in the case of stillborns, the certification of the birth must be proven by a civil certificate before burial
    • in the case of miscarriages, a medical certificate must be provided stating the date, circumstance of the miscarriage and the name and address of the mother.
  • Death certificate

Please ask your commissioned funeral home or the community, church or religious community in whose cemetery the burial is to take place.

There are costs for:

  • the performance of post-mortem examinations (not in the case of miscarriages),
  • the notarizations,
  • cremation,
  • the right to use the grave ("acquisition" of the grave site),
  • the coffin,
  • the urn,
  • the funeral home.

If you perform a funeral service, additional costs will be incurred (e.B. for the funeral hall, for the funeral speaker, catering, etc.)

The amount of the cost depends on the way of burial.

If you are unable to afford the costs, please contact your responsible social welfare office quickly.

Cremation should be carried out within 10 days of the determination of death.

After cremation, the urn must be buried within one month.

The lower health authority (= county or county-free city) can order an earlier cremation for reasons of hygiene. It can also allow later cremation if there are no hygienic reasons to the contrary.

Contact the carrier of the cemetery where the burial is to be carried out.

Or contact a funeral home.

After the onset of death, a death certificate is issued by a doctor. On the basis of the death certificate, a death certificate is issued by the registry office. You must present these to the bearer of the cemetery so that the burial can take place.

In the case of cremation, a 2nd post-mortem examination must be carried out by a doctor before cremation. This doctor for the second post-mortem examination must have a specially granted official permit or have a training degree in the field of pathology or forensic medicine. After that, the deceased person is cremated in a crematorium.

To carry out the funeral, you do not necessarily have to hire a funeral home in Saxony-Anhalt. However, such an assignment is advisable, because this also takes care of all formalities and administrative procedures for you.

You can arrange the funeral individually, taking into account the wishes of the deceased person.

If the deceased person has expressly decided against cremation, this is not permitted.

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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