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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Provide measurements on emissions from large combustion, gas turbine and combustion engine plants


As an operator of a large combustion, gas turbine or combustion engine plant, you are obliged to continuously determine the emissions of certain air pollutants and certain operating parameters through continuous measurements in order to monitor emissions of air pollutants and to assess proper operation. A measurement report on the results of the continuous measurements shall be drawn up for each calendar year and submitted to the competent authority for review by 31 March of the following year.

  • Measurement report on continuous measurements;
  • Additional submission of reports on functional tests and calibrations

There are no fees.

Measurement reports shall be submitted to the competent authority for review by 31 March of the following year.

This administrative service does not constitute an administrative act. For this reason, there is no remedy.

Contact the State Administration Office in Halle (Saale).

With regard to the contents of the measurement report on continuous measurements, reference is made to the BMU circular "Federal Uniform Practice in the Monitoring of Emissions" and the requirements for evaluation systems contained therein.

The reports on functional tests and calibrations of measuring devices for continuous measurements must comply with the requirements of the VDI 3950 Part 2 guideline.

The official requirements for carrying out the continuous measurements as well as for the submission of the measurement report result from the approval notice and the regulations of the Ordinance on Large Combustion, Gas Turbine and Combustion Engine Plants.

In the future, the measurement report will be submitted via the "EMBE-Online" online portal.

Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate

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