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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Transmitting measurements of cremation systems


As the operator of a cremation plant, you are obliged to have the emissions of total dust, total carbon and dioxins and furans checked at regular intervals by means of discontinuous measurements (individual measurements) by a recognised expert body in order to monitor emissions of air pollutants. The results of the measurements shall be the subject of a measurement report and submitted to the competent authority for verification.

  • Emission measurement report

Individual measurements must be carried out by a recognised expert no earlier than three months after commissioning at the latest six months after commissioning.

The measurement report shall be submitted within three months of the measurement being carried out.

This administrative service does not constitute an administrative act. For this reason, there is no remedy.

Contact the State Administration Office.

The emission measurement report for discontinuous measurements (individual measurements) must comply with the requirements of guideline VDI 4220 Part 2 (Annex A: Model report for emission measurements).

The official requirements for carrying out the emission measurements as well as for the submission of the emission measurement report result from the regulations of the Ordinance on Cremation Installations.

In the future, the emission measurement reports will be submitted via the online portal "EMBE-Online".

Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate

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