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The birth of a child must be reported to the registry office responsible for the place of birth.

If your child is born in a hospital or other obstetric institution, the birth notification will be taken over by this institution. In this case, you should inquire in good time at the maternity institution what papers and documents you need to bring with you to the date of delivery. .

If the birth does not take place in a hospital or other institution where obstetric care is provided (home birth), the birth must be reported personally to the registry office by a parent with custody within one week. If the parents are prevented from reporting, the birth must be reported by another person who was present at the birth.

You will need the following documents:

  • in the case of parents who are married to each other

    • Parents' birth certificates

    • Marriage certificate or a certified printout from the marriage register

  • in the case of parents who are not married to each other

    • Mother's birth certificate

    • if paternity has already been acknowledged:

      • Declaration of acknowledgment of paternity and the mother's declaration of consent

      • Father's birth certificate

      • if applicable, the declaration of custody

  • Identity card, passport or a recognized passport replacement document of the parents

  • a certificate of birth issued by a doctor or midwife or maternity nurse, if they were present at the birth

A marriage certificate must also be presented if the marriage has since been divorced or the husband has died.

The notification of a birth at the registry office is free of charge.

Administrative fees are charged for the issuance of a birth certificate, which vary depending on the state.

The notification of the birth of your child must be made within one week at the registry office responsible for the place of birth.

The date of birth is not included in the calculation of the notification period.

If your child is stillborn, the notification must be made no later than the third working day after birth.

Registry office

After the birth has been certified in the birth register, birth certificates can be issued.

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