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Apply for appointment as chimney sweep


The Chimney Sweep Trade Act (SchfHwG) came into force on 01.01.2013. The now "authorized district chimney sweeps" (bBSF) are only responsible for the so-called "sovereign activities" such as fireplace inspections, building inspections and the like in the districts assigned to them. The level of remuneration for these activities is set out in binding terms in the Sweeping and Inspection Ordinance of 16.06.2009 (KÜO, BGBl. I p. 1292), last amended by Article 1 of the Ordinance of 08.04.2013 (BGBl. I p. 760) and in the Ordinance on the Execution of Sweeping and Inspection Work and the Associated Fees (KÜO LSA) of 17.05.2013 GVBl. LSA p. 249).

For the execution of the actual sweeping and inspection activities, on the other hand, the property owners have the option of commissioning their responsible bBSF or of looking for an appropriately qualified company on the open market. The owners of the properties are obliged to prove to the bBSF that the sweeping and inspection activities have been properly performed by sending them the forms. The amount of remuneration for these activities is no longer specified in fee schedules, but is in principle freely negotiable between the property owners and the offering companies.

Please contact your district or your responsible district-free city.

The technical supervision is carried out by the State Administration Office, Department of Economics.

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