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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for permission to carry weapons


If you want to carry a firearm in public, i.e. outside your home or business premises, your pacified property or a shooting range, you will need a gun license. If you only want to carry alarm, irritant or signal weapons, the small arms license is sufficient.

The gun license can be subject to conditions. When renewing the gun license, all permit requirements must be checked again.

In contrast to the firearms license, the small arms license is issued indefinitely.


Note: A distinction is made between the gun license and the gun ownership card.


A gun license can be issued to you if you

  • of legal age (18 years),
  • Reliable (no criminal record; Proof of a certificate of good conduct) and
  • personally suitable (for example, you will not receive the required aptitude if you are incapacitated, addicted to alcohol or drugs or mentally ill).


In addition, for the gun license you need:

  • Proof of a need (reasonable reason),
  • Proof of liability insurance,
  • Proof of weapon technical and weapon law expertise (for example, the hunter's examination is considered proof)
  • Completed application form
  • Identity card or passport (for foreign nationals: national passport)
  • Proof of competence
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • possibly an official or specialist or specialist psychological certificate

Gun license: EUR 315,00

Small gun license: EUR 66,00

Extension of the period of validity: EUR 257,00

The gun license is issued by the weapons authority, in your county or county-level city.

Apply to the competent authority for a gun license and attach all the necessary documents:

  • The authority will then check whether you meet the necessary requirements for obtaining a firearms licence.
  • The gun license will be issued to you for a period of 3 years, after which the period of validity can be extended by a maximum of 3 years 2 times due to various occasions or areas.

The granting of a permit to carry a weapon (gun license) always requires the issuance of a permit to acquire and possess weapons (gun ownership card). This does not apply to the issuance of the Small Arms License.

Ministry of the Interior and Sport Saxony-Anhalt

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