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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a certificate of eligibility for housing


A Housing Entitlement Certificate (WBS) is required to move into apartments that have been subsidized under the state housing programs. There is a fixed rental price for subsidised apartments. A prerequisite for the granting of the WBS is compliance with certain income limits.

The income limits for the issuance of a housing entitlement certificate (in each case annual income) are for

  • Single-person households: 12,000 euros
  • Two-person households: 18,000 euros
  • Plus for each additional household member: 4,100 euros
  • For children, these income limits increase by 500 euros for each child.

These amounts can only be taken as rough benchmarks, because the income calculation is based on a special method. The above values are approximate to the concept of net income, but do not correspond completely to it.

For apartments built or modernized according to the housing programs of the country, depending on the subsidy program, a surcharge to these income limits, usually of 20%, applies. For apartments that are subject to the BelBindG LSA, the above limits apply without surcharge.

The housing entitlement certificates issued in the state of Saxony-Anhalt are only valid in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Social assistance recipients, recipients of ALG II and recipients of benefits under the Basic Security Act (GSiG) are exempt from fees.

Fee: 10,30 EUR
Payment in advance: No

The period of validity of a housing entitlement certificate is 1 year.

Housing entitlement certificates are issued by the housing subsidy offices of the districts and district-free cities.

Information as to whether an apartment is subject to occupancy can be provided by the person entitled to dispose of it (owner or administrator) or the housing subsidy offices of the districts and district-free cities. The housing entitlement certificate only entitles you to move into the apartments, but it does not represent a "housing assignment". The allocation of the apartments is carried out by those entitled to dispose of them. The payment of a rental deposit is possible, but commissions or brokerage fees are not permitted for occupancy-linked apartments.

If you want to move into an occupancy-based apartment in another federal state, you should contact the competent authority of the respective country to apply for a housing entitlement certificate.

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