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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Report pet ownership of specially protected species


In accordance with § 7 (2) of the Federal Species Protection Ordinance (BArtSchV), all owners of live vertebrates of the specially or strictly protected species must immediately report their animal population including all ongoing changes in writing in the form of a notification table. The numbered copies of all evidence documents under species protection law must be sent along.

Excluded from this are the species listed in Annex 5 of the Federal Species Protection Ordinance. Invertebrates such as tarantulas and scorpions are not subject to reporting. The specially protected species include the majority of exotic species, such as .B monkeys, parrots, tortoises and giant snakes, but also various lizard species such as day geckos and chameleons. In addition to birds of prey, this also includes all other European bird species. A check as to whether certain species are designated as specially protected is possible, for example.B, at the Scientific Information System for International Species Protection (WISIA) of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

However, the exemption from the obligation to notify does not imply an exemption from the authorisation requirement for import and export.

  • Fully completed registration table with serial number, type, gender, year, license plate, document no. and origin as well as the complete address with signature
  • Appropriately numbered copies of all supporting documents;
  • Documents for the registration of a tortoise:
    • When and by whom purchased or the completed reporting table
    • Copy of the yellow EU certificate including the attached photo
    • Current abdominal armor photo affixed to A4 sheet with date, weight of the turtle and the number of the associated EU certificate. (see photo documentation for tortoises).

Please contact the State Office for Environmental Protection Saxony-Anhalt - CITES Office

  1. In the notification table, each individual animal must be entered with a unique sequential number (= registration number) and all information including the complete ring number. The numbering shall be continued at a later date without re-using numbers for animals that have already been surrendered or have died. An annual numbering as from 2015/1 to 2015/22 is also possible.
  2. The notification table must be accompanied by copies of evidence marked with the unique serial numbers, such as EU certificates, guarantees of origin, import permits, exemptions from the labelling obligation (in the case of bred open-ringed B birds) and witness confirmations for breeding and for old property (see obligation to provide evidence and marketing certificates).
  3. After the initial notification, only the changes i.e. arrivals and departures are to be reported at least twice a year, e.B. by copies of the notification table with the entered changes, stating the one-time serial number (= registration number).
  4. In the case of a tortoise of Annex A, the notification is accompanied by a good copy of the previous photo documentation as well as a current abdominal armor photo with date, weight and sequential number as well as the associated EU certificate no. (see photo documentation for tortoises).
  5. In the case of closed-ringed birds of frequently rear-bred species listed in Annex B, the indication of the complete ring number is usually sufficient as proof of legal origin.
  6. For the first breeding of a species, especially in the case of rarely bred animals, two  witness confirmations for breeding as well as a short description of the breeding conditions including two photos of the breeding process must be submitted as evidence.

Further information on the basics of international species protection and the requirements for the owners of legally protected animals can be obtained from the State Office for Environmental Protection, Subject Nature Conservation, International Species Protection (Cites).

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