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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Obligation to register - register inland waterway skippers/seafarers


If you move onto an inland waterway vessel that is registered for a domestic shipping register, you must register.

If you are sailing on a seagoing vessel that is authorized to fly the federal flag, the shipowner will register you. For this purpose, you must provide the shipowner with the necessary information.

In both cases, there is no obligation to register if you are registered for an apartment in Germany.

The inland waterway vessel must be registered for a domestic shipping register.

The seagoing vessel must be entitled to fly the federal flag.

Confirmation from the landlord

You must register with the registration office within two weeks of moving in.

Contact the registration office of the ship's hometown. The registration and deregistration can also be reimbursed at another registration authority or at the water police for forwarding to the responsible registration authority.

In the case of inland waterway vessels, the rules on the general reporting obligation apply.

BMI, Dr. Laier, RL VII2

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