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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Choosing or deselecting religious education


Religious education and ethics classes are regular subjects in public schools. Regardless of whether they belong to a religious community, the pupils take part in either religious education or ethics lessons. Ethics classes are a compulsory subject if students do not participate in religious education. At the beginning of the first and fifth school years, parents decide on their children's participation in ethics classes, Protestant religious education or Catholic religious education. Pupils can decide for themselves whether to participate in religious education from the age of 14 when they reach religious maturity. From the age of 12, however, you may not be brought up in another confession against your will. Also, your parents/guardians can no longer deregister them against your will.

Note: During the school semester, it is possible to switch between the 3 subjects.

A change between the three subjects is possible upon application and generally takes place at the beginning of the next school semester.

Please contact the school management.

You must deregister your child from religious education in writing with the school management.

Depending on your age, the following applies to you:

  • before the 12th birthday:
    Both parents /guardians must sign the declaration.
  • after the 12th and before the 14th birthday:
    Both parents /guardians must sign the declaration. The pupil must also give the express consent of the school management.
  • after the 14th and before the 18th birthday:
    Students must sign the declaration. The parents must be invited to the handover date with the school management.
  • In addition to the signatures of the parents /guardians or the signature of the child, the declaration must contain the following information:
    • Name
    • Class
    • Date
    • School/City

The corresponding religious education is only offered if the prescribed minimum number of pupils has been reached and the lessons can be properly secured.

Ministry of Education of Saxony-Anhalt with the participation of the State Education Authority of Saxony-Anhalt

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