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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Display of drinking water systems and domestic wells


As the operator of a water supply system, you are required to report it. Furthermore, as the operator of a building water supply system, you are required to notify a non-potable water system operating in the same building.

In order to ensure drinking water quality, the water used for drinking water supply must be tested for contamination at regular intervals.

In order to determine the necessary examinations as well as the examination intervals, your responsible health office must be notified of the (re)commissioning, construction, significant structural / operational changes or transfer of ownership with regard to water supply systems.

Subsequently, the health office will contact you regarding an on-site inspection.

Operation / ownership of a water supply system or non-potable water system.

You must notify the local health department of a water supply system or non-potable water system four weeks prior to (re)startup, construction or transfer of ownership. A decommissioning must be reported within three days of the decommissioning.

If a reportable circumstance is discovered at a time after the four-week period, immediate notification upon learning of the circumstance is sufficient. If the circumstance subject to notification in the case of mobile and temporary water supply facilities is caused by measures of hazard prevention, civil defense, or defense, the notification may be made without delay after such measures have been completed.

There is no possibility of appeal.

Please contact your local health department.

Forms/online services available: Yes

Written form required: No

Informal application possible: No

Personal appearance required: No

You display your water supply system or non-potable water system.

After you have provided and confirmed all information, you will receive a confirmation of the notification from the responsible health department.

Your health department will contact you for an on-site inspection of your water supply system and coordinate the further procedure with you.

Following the notification, the responsible health department will contact you regarding an on-site inspection. Fees will be charged for the inspection.

Lower Saxony Ministry for Social Affairs, Labor, Health and Equality

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