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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for allowance for the blind and deaf


If you are blind or severely visually impaired, you may be granted allowance for the blind. It is intended to compensate for your additional expenses due to the disability.

The full allowance for the blind is 400.94 euros per month for adults and 278.44 euros for minors.

Severely visually impaired people receive 57.91 euros per month.

Benefits under the State BlindNess Allowance Act are independent of income and assets.

However, some benefits of the long-term care insurance are credited to the blind allowance.

If, for example, you receive cash or in-kind benefits for home care or for partial or full inpatient care, you will receive a reduced allowance for the blind.

Imputation Amounts
Care level 2

Adults: 255,58 Euro

Minors: 133,08 Euro

Care level 3-5

Adults: 221,09 Euro

Minors: 98,59 Euro

Home - own contribution to the home costs more than 50 %

Adults: 400,94 Euro

Minors: 278,44 Euro

Home - Own contribution to the home costs less than 50 %

Adults: 200,47 euro

Minors: 139,22 Euro

The same applies if you are deaf. The deaf allowance in Saxony-Anhalt is 57.91 euros. Unlike the blind money, the deaf allowance is always paid out in this amount.

You are entitled to allowance for the blind if:

  • your visual acuity is not more than 1/50 in any eye and even with an ambidextrous test,
  • You are severely visually impaired with a visual acuity in no eye and also not with ambidextrous examination of more than 1/20.

You will receive deafness benefit

  • with congenital deafness or acquired up to the age of 7
  • Or deafness bordering hearing loss, in so far as the degree of disability as a result of severe disorders of language acquisition is 100,
  • with later acquired deafness, if the degree of disability alone due to deafness and severe speech disorder associated with deafness is 100.
  • Application for allowance for the blind or deaf
  • Assessment notice of your disability

There are no fees.

Benefits under the State Blind and Deaf Allowance Act are granted on application. It is paid from the month from which the requirements and your application are met.

Responsibility lies with the State Administration Office (LVwA).

You can find application forms for the blind and deaf allowance on the pages of the State Administration Office.

In contrast to the allowance for the blind, assistance for the blind is a federal benefit. It can be granted in addition to the allowance for the blind. You can find out which requirements must be met at the local social welfare office.

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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