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Obtain certificate for taking narcotics when traveling abroad


As a patient, you are allowed to export or import narcotics prescribed by your doctor as travel necessities in quantities appropriate for the duration of a trip.

When traveling for up to 30 days in member states of the Schengen Agreement, you may take narcotics prescribed by a doctor with you, provided you have a certificate completed by the doctor treating you. You must have this certificate authenticated before starting your journey.

This regulation also applies if you are carrying narcotics that can be prescribed in the country of origin but not in the country of destination.

The carrying of narcotics by authorized persons is not permitted.

When traveling outside the "Schengen area", you should clarify the legal situation in the country to be traveled to before starting the trip. You must then obtain a multilingual certificate from your doctor.

Also, if you are carrying certain substitution drugs (e.g. methadone), you should inquire as a patient at the respective responsible diplomatic representation of the country of travel in Germany before starting your journey.

As a physician, dentist or veterinarian, you may carry narcotics in the context of charitable foreign missions (for example, Doctors without Borders) or as medical practice supplies in cross-border traffic, if you use them in reasonable quantities and for the purpose of medical professional practice or first aid.

You must be able to identify yourself as a doctor (doctor's identity card). Please check with the diplomatic representation of the country of destination prior to travel whether the narcotics can be carried and whether any permits are required.

Medical prescription of the narcotic drug

  • Certificate for carrying narcotics in the course of medical treatment


  • Multilingual certificate for travel to countries outside the Schengen area

The certification of the certificate is subject to a fee according to the respective fee schedule of the certifying body

  • Form:
    • Certificate for carrying narcotics in the course of medical treatment.
    • Sample multilingual certificate for travel to countries outside Schengen
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • written form necessary: yes
  • personal appearance necessary: no

If you as a patient wish to carry narcotics acquired on the basis of a medical prescription when traveling to countries of the Schengen Agreement:

  • download the "Certificate for the Carriage of Narcotics in the Course of Medical Treatment" from the website of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) and ask your attending physician to complete it.
  • Have the certificate certified by the highest state health authority or a body appointed by it on the basis of the doctor's prescription.
  • A separate certificate is required for each narcotic prescribed.
  • You must carry the certificate with you when you travel. It is valid for a maximum of 30 days.

When traveling to other countries:

  • Find out in advance about the regulations that apply in the destination country.
  • Download the sample multilingual certificate from the BfArM website and ask your prescribing physician to fill it out.
    The certificate contains information on individual and daily dosages, active ingredient name and duration of the trip.
  • Then have the certificate certified by the responsible supreme state health authority or a body appointed by it.
  • You must carry the certificate with you when you travel.

Federal Ministry of Health

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