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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

European elections Voters' register of returnees


If you have German citizenship and move back to Germany from abroad, you may not be automatically entered in the voters' register for the European elections.

This depends on when you have re-registered in Germany after your return. If you did so after the 42nd and before the 20th day before the election, you must apply in writing for registration on the voters' register.

You can register as an adult German or an adult German without exclusion of voting rights after your return from abroad for the European elections if you:

  • register in Germany after the 42nd day, but before the 20th day before the election
  • return to Germany as a German or German from a Member State of the European Union , or
    have lived as a German or German outside the Federal Republic of Germany and return to Germany if you had an apartment or habitual residence in Germany for at least 3 months after your 14th birthday and this was not more than 25 years ago , or
    return to Germany as Germans or Germans from other countries if, for other reasons, they have personally and directly acquired familiarity with the political situation in the Federal Republic and were affected by them

Declaration on oath instead of eligibility to vote and declaration that an application for entry on the electoral roll has not been filed elsewhere

from the 41st to the 21st day before the election

The community you moved to.


  • You register with your immigration community after the 42nd, but before the 20th day.
  • You affirm under oath that you are entitled to vote and declare that an application for entry on the electoral roll has not been filed elsewhere.
  • The authority decides on your application and sends an election notification or a negative decision.

Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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