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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Have voters' register corrected for European elections


If the electoral roll for the European elections contains incorrect information or is incomplete, you can have this corrected. From the 20th day before the election (= start of the inspection period), this is only possible upon objection or ex officio.
The objection is only possible up to the 16th day before the election (= end of the inspection period). It must be collected in writing or for recording by the commune of residence. The
The municipality decides on the objection up to the 10th day before the election. An appeal against the decision may be lodged within two days of notification.
The commune may correct the voters' register at any time if it is manifestly incorrect or incomplete.
The voters' register shall be closed at the latest on the day before the election.

  • If the voters' register proves to be incorrect, the voters' register will be corrected.
  • If eligibility to vote can be proven despite missing entry, the voters' register will be supplemented accordingly.

conclusive documents proving the need for correction in the voters' register or, in the absence of an entry, proof of eligibility to vote

20th day (= start of the inspection period) to 16th day (= end of the inspection period) before the election


The voters' register for the European elections can be found in
correct as follows:

  • After inspection, you notice an error in the voters' register or you are not registered, although you are entitled to vote.
  • They shall lodge an objection and substantiate the facts by appropriate evidence.
  • The authority corrects the voters' register or sends a negative decision. In the event of subsequent registration, you will receive a voter's notification.

Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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