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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Requesting a market value appraisal of the value of a plot of land or the right to a plot of land


If you would like to know the value of an undeveloped or developed property or the value of rights to a property, you can have this determined by means of a market value appraisal. This determination can be requested from the local appraisal committee. In addition, the determination is also offered by private experts.

The market value is synonymous with the market value. It is the price that could be obtained in the ordinary course of business at the time to which the appraisal relates, based on the legal circumstances and actual characteristics, other features and location of the property or other object of the appraisal, without regard to unusual or personal circumstances.

The provision of expert opinions on the market value is the task of the expert committees. The committee is basically autonomous and independent. A committee is responsible for one area at a time (for example, for a county or an independent city). The members are members of public authorities as well as honorary appraisers (such as architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, tax consultants, etc.).

Any owner or other person entitled to a property may apply for a market value appraisal.

The necessary documents vary depending on the appraisal order and will be requested in consultation with you.

Among other things, the following documents may be necessary:

  • Land register excerpt
  • Proof of other rights and encumbrances
  • Power of attorney of the owner(s)
  • Fire insurance certificate
  • List of rental and leasing income
  • List of operating costs
  • Minutes/resolutions of owners' meeting
  • Proof of investments in the last 10 years
  • Energy certificate
  • Site plan
  • Building plans/floor plans.

The preparation of market value appraisals by the appraisal committees is subject to a fee. The cost regulations of the federal states apply.

The processing time depends on the other pending statutory tasks of the expert committees or pending other expert opinions. As a rule, several weeks pass between the submission of the application and the dispatch of the appraisal report.

Contact the expert committee for property values.

The members are

  • Members of authorities and banks,
  • estate agents
  • and independent experts for the valuation of developed and undeveloped properties.

Forms/online services available: Yes
Written form required: No
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance required: No

Citizens can submit an application to the appraisal committee for the preparation of a market value appraisal for a property.

  • After receiving the order, the office of the appraisal committee will approach you with questions for documents, depending on the property to be appraised.
  • At the same time, the office of the appraisal committee will make inquiries about the property with other authorities and agencies.
  • It will be determined in which composition the expert committee will be active for this appraisal.
  • A site inspection of the object by the committee is always necessary. For this purpose an appointment is arranged and carried out.
  • Possibly further investigations are necessary afterwards.
  • Then the market value can be calculated and decided.
  • The appraisal report is sent to the client (and the owner) together with the statement of costs.

A market value is not binding for sellers or buyers. It is also possible to commission a market value appraisal from an expert in the private sector.

Ministry of the Interior, Building and Digitalization Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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