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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Close the housing land register


You can have land registers closed again if all condominium rights have united in your person. The association may have taken place because you have acquired all condominium rights in the legal transaction, by succession or foreclosure.

You can also reverse the division if you have always remained the owner of all condominium rights after a division into residential property because no other owners have entered the community.

This requires your application.

When the condominium land registers are closed, a land register sheet is again created for the property. Any encumbrances of all condominium rights with an overall right continue with the same content on the undivided property. If necessary, individual loads are also taken over. The encumbrances are therefore transferred to the new land register sheet to be created.

For the closure of the land registers, an application for registration must be made by you or the notary notary. The housing land registers are closed on request if all necessary documents have been submitted in due form and there are no grounds for refusal.

  • Notarized registration application (which at the same time contains the registration permit of the owner)
  • may be the consent of third parties

(as of November 2020)

Fixed fee: EUR 50
The collection of the fixed fee is carried out separately by the land registry office for the cancellation of each residential property.

In addition to the costs for the activity of the Land Registry Office, there are also costs for the activity of the notary in accordance with the Court and Notary Costs Act (GNotKG). Please ask the notary in your case for the amount of the notary's fees.dem from the notary working in your case. Information and examples of notary costs can also be found on the website of the Federal Chamber of Notaries (see link for further information).

individually, depending on the encumbrance situation of the responsible land registry office as well as the time when all necessary documents are formally available to the land registry office

Contact the Land Registry.

You must apply for registration at the Land Registry. As a rule, the notary who has certified the application for registration initiates the registration.

  • The documents required for registration are checked by the competent judicial officer at the land registry office.
  • If documents are not available in full or in due form, the responsible registrar will inform the notary or you in writing and request the submission of the missing documents or the formal (notarized or notarized) documents.
  • If all the necessary documents are available, the responsible judicial officer will close the condominium land registers and at the same time create a new land register sheet for the property.
  • The registration will be made known to the notary submitting the application .dem to you with the registration notification.
  • The invoice of the land registry office will be sent to you for payment of the costs.

Ministry of Justice Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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