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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Provide evidence of benefits from the support of needy children, adolescents, and young adults to participate in educational, cultural, and social opportunities if the applicant receives citizen's benefits


For parents who are dependent on support payments, it is often not easy to offer their children the same opportunities in leisure time or school as children from families with higher incomes. But needy children and young people also have a right to participate in day trips and joint lunches at school and daycare centers, in music, sports and games in clubs and groups. This is where the education and participation benefits of the so-called education package come in. Up to 2.5 million children and young people can benefit from the education package.

The support relates to the following areas:

Up to a maximum of 18 years of age:

  • Participation in social and cultural life, for example in a sports club or music school, is supported with up to EUR 15.00 per month.

Up to a maximum of 25 years of age:

  • The provision of personal school supplies is subsidized with 174.00 EUR per year (116.00 EUR for the first, 58.00 EUR for the second school semester).
  • Costs for supplementary appropriate learning support are covered insofar as it is necessary to achieve the learning goals set according to school law regulations.
  • For one-day excursions of schools, day care centers and in the day care of children, the costs are reimbursed in the actual amount.
  • For excursions of several days by day care centers and in day care for children as well as for class trips within the framework of school law provisions, the costs are reimbursed in the actual amount.
  • Subsidies are paid for communal lunches for schoolchildren (if the school is responsible) and for children in daycare centers and in daycare for children.
  • The necessary actual expenses for transportation to the nearest school of the chosen course of education (monthly student tickets) are covered.
  • Children and young people up to the age of 25 are eligible to apply,
    • who cannot cover their educational and participation needs from their own income and assets or from the family's own income and assets and who therefore have a claim to
      • Basic benefits for job seekers or
      • Social assistance
      • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act
    • or whose families receive the following benefits:
      • Child supplement or
      • Housing benefit
  • Age limit for benefits for participation in culture, sports and leisure: 18 years old
  • If applicable, state the child benefit number
  • Proof of need, e.g. by notification of:
    • Child supplement
    • housing allowance
    • Benefits according to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act
  • if necessary, invoices, receipts and other proofs
  • if necessary, certificates from the school

The responsible office will inform you of any other documents that may be required.

There are no costs involved.

The legal procedure for applicants is described in the respective decision on the application.

local job centers or local governments

Forms available: No

Written form required: No

Informal application possible: Yes

Personal appearance required: Yes

Online services available: No

You can apply for benefits for education and participation.

  • If possible, find out in advance from the relevant office how to apply for benefits from the education package most easily. The staff will also help you with the application if you wish.
  • Fill out the required forms, sign the application and gather the necessary evidence.
    • Note: If you receive Bürgergeld, the benefits for education and participation are applied for together with the application for Bürgergeld. This also applies to those benefits that serve to promote learning for your child.
  • Send the complete application documents to the responsible office by mail or hand them in personally.
  • You will receive written notification as to whether and which services your child can take advantage of.


The implementation of the education package is organized locally in the districts and independent cities and may differ from the procedures outlined. However, the following applies in principle: Anyone who receives a citizen's allowance usually turns to the job center for benefits from the education package. The same applies to cases of so-called need triggering. The education package is also implemented at the job center by the districts and independent cities. You will also receive information there if the education package is administered outside the job center. The job centers are not responsible for families who receive social assistance, housing benefits, the child supplement or benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act. The districts or independent cities (reachable, for example, at the city hall, citizens' office or district administration) will tell you the right contact person.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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