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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Interpreter and translator - Apply for proof of professional aptitude


The determination of professional suitability for translation, interpreting and sign language interpreting for judicial, official and notarial purposes is an indispensable prerequisite for all persons who wish to apply for a general swearing-in and public appointment.

The determination leads to state recognition, which is a basis for swearing-in and entitles to the use of the predicate "State-recognized ... " or "State-approved ... " as part of the job title.

Proof of the determination is provided to the competent regional court by means of a document according to a certain model. The certificate contains information

  • to the person of the holder,
  • for the language combination (mother tongue / target language) as well as
  • to the subject areas for which language and expertise have been demonstrated.

You have the professional aptitude for the general swearing-in and public appointment as a translator, interpreter, sign language interpreter within the scope of the Basic Law if you:

  • have the completion of a relevant accredited course of study at a university or
  • have a comparable degree from a university, including a practical professional activity, or
  • have passed a relevant state examination, or
  • have a certificate from a university on the basis of further training in the field of translation and interpreting for courts and authorities, including at least two years of professional experience.

Outside the scope of application of the Basic Law, you must:

  • an equivalent degree in a course of study, or
  • prove a comparable passed state examination.
  • completed application form,
  • Curriculum vitae, written in German,
  • proof of nationality,
  • Graduation certificate from a university, a "Diploma Supplement", the certificate of a passed state examination or other professional qualifications as a translator, interpreter, or sign language interpreter
  • Proof of the content and duration of the course of study and training, such as: study regulations, subject and grade overviews, examination regulations, or other suitable documents (detailed overviews of teaching content, number of hours) showing the requirements that led to obtaining the degree,
  • Certificates on the nature and duration of the activities carried out in the field of proof of qualification
  • Proof of knowledge in one or more of the following subject areas: law, economics, technology, natural sciences, humanities or social sciences


Documents such as e.B. certificates and certificates must be submitted as officially certified copies . If documents have been issued in a foreign language, a confirmed German translation must be attached in addition to the officially certified copy.

Fee: 106,00 - 212,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
Costs for translations and certifications and, if necessary, further fees for the preparation of the application procedure must be borne by the applicants themselves.

The time limit for the procedure for determining professional competence is three months. The period begins after receipt of the complete documents.

An action against decisions may be brought before the Administrative Court within one month of notification

The determination of professional suitability is carried out by the State Education Office of Saxony-Anhalt.

The determination of professional aptitude takes place in the form of an examination procedure with presentation of all necessary documents:

  • If the requirements for professional aptitude are met, you will receive a written notification and a certificate.
  • The certificate entitles you to use the professional title:
    • "state-approved translator" or "state-approved translator",
    • "state-approved interpreter" or "state-approved interpreter",
    • "state-approved translator and interpreter" or "state-approved translator and interpreter" or
    • "State-approved sign language interpreter" or "State-approved sign language interpreter".
  • If the requirements for professional aptitude are not met, you will receive a written notification of the rejection.

In any case, the corresponding language must be German.

State Education Office of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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