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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for recognition of a driving instructor training centre


If you want to train or have trained people who want to become driving instructors (driving instructor candidates) in a driving instructor training centre, you need the official recognition of your company.

Recognition is granted on application for training to obtain the driving licence of individual or all classes.


  • There are no facts that make the owner or the manager responsible for running a driving instructor training centre appear unreliable.
  • The driving instructor training centre has a responsible leader who is able to supervise the lessons competently and who ensures that the necessary knowledge and skills are imparted.
  • The driving instructor training centre shall have at its disposal a sufficient number of teachers who are able to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to prospective driving instructors in their area of responsibility,
  • The driving instructor training centre has the necessary classroom and the necessary teaching materials and teaching vehicles at its disposal.
  • An appropriate training plan is submitted.

Subsequent changes to the training plan require approval by the licensing authority.

  • Application with the name and address of the driving instructor training centre
  • Documents proving the suitability of the responsible leader
  • a declaration of what other professional obligations the intended responsible manager has to fulfil
  • a list of teachers and documents proving the suitability of teachers
  • a scale plan of the classrooms with information on their equipment
  • a declaration that the prescribed teaching materials are available
  • a list of the number and type of training vehicles
  • the training plan
  • Certificate of good conduct for submission to the licensing authority (document type 0) for the applicant and the designated responsible manager

The application of a legal person must also be accompanied by a certified extract from the commercial register or register of associations or the application of an association with no legal capacity documents on the power of representation of the persons acting on its behalf.

An application for recognition of a driving instructor training centre must be made in writing, but can be submitted informally.

In accordance with No. 302.5 of the Schedule of Fees for Measures in Road Transport (RFees), fees range from EUR 102.00 to EUR 358.00.

There are no deadlines to be observed.

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