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In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Show the appointment of animal welfare officers


Are you the operator of an institution or do you work as a responsible person for a company in which animal experiments are carried out or in which laboratory animals are kept or bred?

If so, you must appoint an animal welfare officer and a deputy before commencing work and notify the competent authority.

The animal welfare officer or the deputy person must have the necessary expertise and reliability.

You must regulate the position and powers of this person by statutes, internal instructions or in a similar form in your facility or company.

As the responsible person, you must ensure, for example, in an instruction that the animal welfare officer is not subject to directives in the performance of his or her duties. The person must also not be disadvantaged because of the fulfillment of his or her tasks.


  • You must appoint an animal welfare officer if your facility breeds, keeps, or uses laboratory animals.

Animal Welfare Officer:

  • An animal welfare officer or a deputy must have the knowledge, skills and reliability required for this task:
    • University degree in veterinary medicine.
    • If person is not a veterinarian, as a responsible person of a facility you can apply for an exemption with appropriate justification.
    • For an exemption, you must demonstrate the required knowledge and skills of the animal welfare officer to be appointed.
  • Animal welfare officers are required to keep their knowledge and skills up to date with the latest scientific and technical knowledge through regular continuing education.
  • Animal welfare officers may not at the same time be responsible for keeping or breeding laboratory animals in the facility or operation.
  • If he or she conducts animal experiments himself or herself, another animal welfare officer must be active for these experimental projects.
  • written notification (main application)
  • University degree certificate of the appointed person in veterinary medicine (if available) (copy)
  • evidence of the required knowledge and skills of this person in the field of laboratory animals (copy)
  • In-house instruction or bylaws as evidence of the appointed person's position and authority (copy)

You must submit the notification to the competent body before commencing activities that are relevant to animal welfare.

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Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

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