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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Take the specialist knowledge test for the arms trade


The check is usually carried out by order of the authority to which you have applied for the firearms permit and cannot be applied for separately.

Depending on the scope of the trading permit you have applied for, the test covers certain categories of weapons.

In the theoretical part of the test, you must demonstrate knowledge of the regulations governing the trade in firearms and ammunition, the acquisition and carrying of firearms and the main features of other firearms regulations.

In the practical part of the examination, you must demonstrate safe handling of the tested categories of firearms. This includes, among other things, disassembling and assembling, naming essential parts anddescription of the mode of operation.

In order to successfully pass the specialist examination for the trade in weapons and ammunition, you need not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. Extensive preparation is therefore recommended.

If you have applied for a permit to trade in ammunition, you will be tested on the handling of common ammunition and its use in the associated firearm.

If you are registered as a master gunsmith, you already have this expertise and do not have to prove it again by taking an examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

- As a rule, the authority to which you have applied for the firearms dealer's license must register or pre-register you for the examination

  • If applicable, notification from the authority responsible for the trading license that the examination is to take place
  • Official photo ID for identification during the inspection

You can find out the fees from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) where you are taking the examination. They can be found in the fee schedule of the responsible state authority.

The certificate of competence is valid indefinitely and nationwide.

  • Specialist examinations are held at irregular intervals, so the time between notification from the authorities and the examination may vary
  • The certificate is usually available immediately or a few days after passing the oral part of the examination
  • Detailed information on how to lodge an appeal can be found in the notification of failure of the examination
  • Administrative appeal

As a rule, a chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) in your federal state is responsible for conducting the firearms proficiency examination and managing the examination board for proof of proficiency in the firearms trade. The examination board is generally responsible for your state.

  • Forms: as a rule, you will receive all the necessary forms from the authority that issues the firearms trading license, in some cases also directly from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form requirement: no
  • Personal appearance required: yes

Normally, you apply for a license to trade in weapons and are then registered for examination via the responsible licensing authority. You can or must register yourself with some chambers of industry and commerce.

  • As a rule, you will receive notification from the authority responsible for the trading permit that the examination is to take place
  • Your registration will be confirmed by the IHK and you will receive an invitation to the examination date
  • You take the examination on site at the IHK
  • You will receive a certificate from the IHK confirming that you have successfully passed the examination

With the proof of specialist knowledge, you can continue the licensing procedure for the arms trade.

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

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