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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Specialist waste management company - Certificate


Every waste producer must ensure that their waste is disposed of properly. In order to legally relieve the waste producer in this respect, the legislator has introduced the term "specialist waste management company" as a recognized waste management certificate. A waste management company is

  • who is entitled to use the quality mark of a recognized waste management association or
  • has concluded a monitoring contract with a technical monitoring organization that includes an inspection lasting at least one year. The term "technical inspection organization" refers to an association of independent, reliable and competent experts.

Certain requirements can be placed on the specialist waste management companies for certification. In particular

  • Minimum requirements for specialist knowledge,
  • proof of personal reliability and sufficient liability insurance is required and
  • requirements for devices and equipment.

There are two routes to certification as a specialist waste management company

  • the testing and certification procedure by commissioned experts from a waste management association recognized by the competent authority or
  • the inspection and certification procedure by experts from a technical inspection organization on the basis of a contract concluded between the company and the technical inspection organization following approval by the competent supreme state authority.

The surveillance certificate is limited in time. The period of validity may not exceed 18 months.
The advantages of certification are

  • No more need for a transportation permit subject to a fee,
  • Participation in qualified tenders by local authorities and companies,
  • negotiation potential with insurance companies.
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