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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for proof of competence for the supply of plant protection products


The competent authority shall verify that you meet the requirements for obtaining expertise in plant protection. Which requirements you have to meet depends on the activity you want to perform (e.B. supply of plant protection products). If the necessary conditions are met, the applicant receives a decision with the recognition of the plant protection expertise. This proof entitles the applicant to the activity shown in the certificate of competence.

You will be able to demonstrate your expertise

  • with a certificate of a recognised professional qualification (e.B. farmer, winemaker, gardener, etc.) or
  • an examination certificate for a successfully passed proficiency examination (e.B. as part of a competence course) or
  • with a certificate of recognised studies, if necessary in conjunction with a .m an additional certificate (from universities, training institutions) or
  • with a valid certificate from another EU Member State for the sustainable use of pesticides.

If there are more than three years between the issuance of the certificate and the application, a current proof of further training must also be submitted.

  • Certificate of a recognised professional qualification or
  • Certificate of a successfully passed proficiency examination or
  • Certificate of a recognised course of study, if necessary additional certificate (from universities, training institutions) or
  • Certificate from another EU Member State for the sustainable use of pesticides
  • If necessary, certified translation of the submitted documents
  • If applicable, informal cost commitment of the specified invoice recipient
  • If applicable, certificate of specialist training

EUR 30.00

(40,00 Euro for foreign certificates due to the higher examination costs)

If there are more than three years between the date of the certificate and the application, a current proof of further training must also be submitted.

Please contact the State Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture Saxony-Anhalt.

  • Online procedure possible: yes
  • Written form required: no

The Authority shall receive the complete application documents and verify the particulars and authenticity of the certificates and/or certificates. If all the requirements for competence have been proven, the authority prepares the certificate of competence and a fee notice. Upon receipt of payment, the authority will send the certificate of competence to the person making the application.

You need the new certificate of competence (SKN) in card format since 26.11.2015.

The application for this must be submitted online. (Please let your friends or acquaintances help you if you can't get along on the Internet). Further information can be viewed via the tile of the responsible federal state. The certificate of competence can be applied for with or without registration. Thereafter, the mandatory fields must be filled in with the information on the applicant. After entering the security code, you will be taken to the application page. Enter the application type here. The application type "levy" includes the sale of plant protection products. After confirming the required knowledge of German and the recognition of the data protection declaration, you can upload your copies of your certificates, such as a letter of assistant or a certificate of proficiency. Finally, submit the application via the corresponding button. After submitting your data, a short information will appear in the online portal as to whether your application has been successfully submitted. You will not receive a separate e-mail or further confirmation. It is not necessary to additionally send the application signed by post.

Alternatively: If you cannot upload the certificate yourself, send a copy by post to the responsible department.

Old experts (persons who acquired their expertise in the use of plant protection products before 6 July 2013) or new experts whose degree dates back more than 3 years need proof of participation in a recognised further training on plant protection expertise in addition to the certificate. If all documents are complete, the application will be processed within 4 to 6 weeks. You will receive a notice and an invoice for 30 euros (40 euros for foreign certificates). The sending of the certificate card can take up to 2 months from payment. In addition to applying for a certificate of competence, you must participate in a 4-hour training course over a recurring 3-year period.

  • Plant Protection Expertise Ordinance (old) of 28 July 1987 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1752), which was last amended by Article 27 of the Act of 6 December 2011 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2515)

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture Rhineland-Palatinate

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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