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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for registration in the Legal Services Register with professional qualification from EU and EEA countries and Switzerland


If you wish to provide a legal service in the areas of debt collection, pension advice or legal advice in foreign law, you must register in the Legal Services Register.
The aim is to protect those seeking legal services from unqualified legal services.
You must apply for entry in the register if you wish to provide legal advice in any of these areas:

  • Collection services
  • Pension consulting in the field of
    • statutory pension and accident insurance
    • of the social compensation law
    • other social insurance and severe disability law with reference to a statutory pension
    • the company and occupational pension scheme
  • Legal services in a foreign law

A legal service is any activity in specific foreign matters as soon as it requires a legal examination of the individual case.
In order to register, you must prove that you have special theoretical and practical expertise.
If you have obtained your professional qualification in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland, you can prove your practical expertise by completing an adaptation course lasting at least 6 months.
After successful registration in the Legal Services Register, you may use the term "debt collection", as well as the term "pension consultant" or "pension consultant" or similar terms in your professional title.
If you have permanently provided unqualified legal services to the detriment of those seeking justice, you may be prohibited from providing further legal services for a maximum of 5 years.

You must be authorized to provide a legal service in the areas of debt collection, pension advice or legal advice in foreign law in an EU or EEA state or Switzerland.
You must provide evidence of special theoretical and practical expertise.

  • They can provide proof of theoretical expertise in particular by means of a confirmation from the competent body in the country of origin that an authorization to practice the profession exists there. Depending on whether the profession is regulated in the country of origin or not, further evidence may be required, in particular regarding the duration of the practice of the profession.
  • You can provide proof of practical expertise by submitting a certificate of completion of an adaptation course lasting at least 6 months.

You must prove your personal suitability and reliability.

  • Application form
  • Summary of the professional training course and the previous professional practice of the person to be registered
  • documents proving the theoretical and practical knowledge of the person to be registered
  • If applicable, certificates of employment
  • Proof of professional liability insurance for the person to be registered
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Declaration as to whether insolvency proceedings are pending or whether an entry has been made in the debtors' register within the last three years prior to the application being submitted
  • If the application is in the area of collection services, the following are also required:
    • information according to § 150 paragraph 5 of the trade regulations
    • Description of the intended activities

There is no deadline.

  • Objection
  • Action before the administrative court

Forms available: yes

Written form required: yes

Informal application possible: no

Personal appearance required: no

Online services available: no

You can apply for entry in the Legal Services Register in writing or electronically to the competent registration authority using the forms provided.

  • Call up the necessary application forms online in the registration portal.
  • Fill in the forms completely. Pay particular attention to
    • indicate the area or sub-area for which the registration is to be made,
    • in the case of registration for legal services in a foreign law: to the indication of the foreign law to which the registration is to relate.
  • You submit the application forms together with the other documents to the competent registration authority.
  • As a result of the examination of the application, you will receive written notification as to whether the registration has taken place.

Your application and the necessary declarations require your handwritten signature.

If you wish to submit your application electronically, your application form must be provided with a qualified electronic signature under German law in order to be considered signed. This is the only way to ensure that the sender's identity can be reliably established. For a qualified electronic signature, you need an appropriate program. Electronic signatures can be obtained from

  • Trust service providers (according to the directory of the Federal Network Agency) or
  • Bundesdruckerei (for citizens with a new ID card/nPA or electronic residence permit)

Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ)

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