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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for recognition as a pharmaceutical consultant


PPharmaceutical entrepreneurs or pharmaceutical entrepreneurs may according to pharmaceutical law only authorize persons with the appropriate expertise to visit health care professionals healthcare professionals in order to provide them with specialist information on medicinal products (pharmaceutical consultants and pharmaceutical consultants).
The expertise is possessed by

  1. Pharmacists and pharmacists or persons with a certificate of having passed an examination after completing a university degree in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, human or veterinary medicine,
  2. pharmacy assistants and pharmacy assistants and persons who have completed training as technical assistants in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, human or veterinary medicine,
  3. pharmaceutical representatives and pharmaceutical sales representatives.

The competent authority may recognize as sufficient an examination or completed training that is at least equivalent to one of the training courses of the persons mentioned.

The prerequisite is the equivalence of the completed training.

The examination regulations of the individual training and study subjects are relevant for recognition.

Exceptions for which no application is required:

Insofar as the recognition of a foreign degree in the study programs in accordance with pharmaceutical law or a foreign professional qualification in the professions according to the pharmaceutical law by a competent German authority or institution, there is no need to submit an application for an equivalence assessment in accordance with pharmaceutical law.

  • Signed curriculum vitae (in tabular form) with all professional qualifications and career history
  • A copy of the final certificate/diploma
  • Document detailing the exact course and content of the training, including details of subjects/hours
  • If applicable, confirmation from the (future) employer or the employer with details of the place of work
  • If applicable, certificate of equivalence (for professional qualifications obtained in third countries)


For the recognition of a professional qualification acquired in a third country, you must present a certificate of equivalence. The certificate confirms the equivalence or partial equivalence of your professional qualification with a German professional qualification (the so-called reference profession).

Is based on the respective administrative fee schedule of the federal state or on the fee statutes of the authorities responsible under federal state law.

Recognition can only be granted once all the necessary documents have been submitted and any outstanding issues have been clarified and the equivalence has been assessed. Deadlines are set by the pharmaceutical law does not set deadlines.

All documents that are not written in German are required in the form of a translation. Translations are accepted if they are provided by an interpreter appointed or sworn in Germany, the other EEA member states or Switzerland. and interpreters or translators and translators have been prepared. Translations produced outside Germany, the EEA or Switzerland are generally not recognized. Exception: Translations already produced in a third country must be submitted to an interpreter appointed or sworn in Germany. and interpreters or translators and translators to check their accuracy and then submit them here.

Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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