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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Request information from the custody register


A custody register is kept at the responsible youth welfare office for children of parents who are not married to each other. Entries shall be made in this custody register if:

  • custody declarations are made,
  • custody has been granted jointly in whole or in part on the basis of a final court decision
  • custody has been withdrawn, in whole or in part, from the mother or transferred to the father by virtue of a final court decision.

A mother who is not married to the child's father may obtain a certificate stating that and to what extent she has parental authority over her child.

  • Date of birth of the child
  • Place of birth of the child
  • Name of the child he or she had at the time the birth was certified

Proof of identification (identity card or passport)

3 days to 6 weeks

Contact the Youth Welfare Office.

If you, as the mother of the child, are not married to the father, you can obtain a certificate from the competent youth welfare office stating that and to what extent you have parental authority over your child.

  • Submit an application for information from the custody register to the responsible youth welfare office.

§ 58 Social Code VIII (SGB)


Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
The Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sport

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