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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Applying for a registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document)


You may only use a vehicle subject to registration on public roads if it has been registered for this purpose by the competent registration authority.

The registration certificate part II is proof of the right of disposal, but it is not proof of ownership.

It is an EU-wide document.

If your vehicle still has an old registration certificate, it remains valid.

The completion of a registration certificate Part II or its first issue by the registration authority is only permitted on presentation of

1. the certificate of conformity,

2. the data confirmation or

3. the certificate of individual approval of the vehicle.

4. proof of authorization to dispose of the vehicle: in the case of a new vehicle, this is e.g. the purchase contract, in the case of a used vehicle it would be the previous registration certificate Part II.

before using the vehicle on public roads

Licensing authority

  • Written form required: Yes

  • Personal appearance required: No

In the case of a new vehicle, you will usually receive a pre-filled form of the registration certificate part II from the manufacturer in connection with the purchase of the vehicle.

As part of the registration process, the registration certificate part II is issued by the competent authority.

SH State Road Construction and Transport Authority

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