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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a green license plate


Certain vehicles exempt from motor vehicle tax have registration plates with green lettering on a white background. Vehicles of non-profit organizations (e.g. German Red Cross), agricultural and forestry vehicles and certain trailers can receive such license plates.
As a rule, green license plates are already assigned when vehicles are registered. There are vehicles that are automatically exempt from vehicle tax due to the description of the vehicle category. These include, among other things, trailers for sports purposes, trailers, work machines, self-propelled machines, etc. in accordance with § 3 (2) of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV).
In contrast to these vehicles, other vehicles in turn receive green license plates due to their special use. These include vehicles that are used for agricultural or forestry purposes, vehicles for winter service, vehicles of non-profit organizations such as the German Red Cross or ASB, etc. in accordance with § 3 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Act (KraftStG).

Not all vehicles that are exempt from vehicle tax receive green license plates. Light motorcycles, for example, are tax-free and still receive a black license plate. Likewise, severely disabled people with the mark "H", "BI" or "aG" in their severely disabled person's id card are still exempt from motor vehicle tax.

  • valid identity card or passport
  • in the case of representation with written power of attorney, additionally valid identity card or passport of the authorized representative
  • in the case of underage vehicle owners, additional declaration of consent and identification documents of the legal guardians
  • in the case of legal entities/companies, extract from the commercial register, business registration or extract from the register of associations
  • Proof of exemption
  • Proof of the right of disposal of the holder to be registered when vehicles with EC type-approval are registered for the first time:
    Registration certificate Part II (formerly: vehicle registration document) and certificate of conformity (COC paper),
  • in the case of first registration of vehicles with national type approval: Registration certificate Part II with registered type and variant/version key number according to § 20 para. 3 sentence 6 StVZO or data confirmation according to § 20 para. 3.a sentence 1 StVZO
  • for vehicles with EC type-approval (EC certificate of conformity/COC), national type-approval (general type approval/ABE), individual approval or an expert opinion according to § 21 StVZO, for which no registration certificate Part II (formerly: vehicle registration document) has been completed so far: additional purchase contract or original invoice
    if applicable, the customs receipt/customs clearance certificate, (if imported from a non-EU country)
  • Insurance confirmation
  • If applicable, reservation confirmation for the desired license plate

Severely disabled people with the mark "H", "BI" or "aG" in their severely disabled person's card are still exempt from motor vehicle tax.

You will receive the insurance confirmation of the motor vehicle liability insurance from the insurance company of your choice. In most cases, you can request the insurance confirmation by calling your insurance company.

Since 1 March 2008, the insurer has been able to give you an insurance confirmation with a 7-digit alphanumeric VB number, with which the licensing authority retrieves the insurance data electronically from the central database of the German Insurance Association.

Allocation of green license plates in connection with registration:

  • from 26,80 Euro depending on the registration of the vehicle

Change from black to green license plate:

  • from 13,50 Euro

The cost of the license plates is not included in the fees

Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the competent authority.

To the licensing authority of the district or the independent city in whose jurisdiction the holder has his main residence (otherwise: place of business or place of establishment)

The holder must already be registered here. There must be no arrears of fees and expenses from previous admission procedures. In the case of payment arrears of more than 30.00 euros, the registration authority may not register the vehicle until these have been settled. At less than 30.00 euros, it is at the discretion of the registration authority whether the vehicle is registered or not. Registration will also be refused as long as there is a holder-related motor vehicle tax arrears of 10.00 euros or more. When calculating the amount, late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges are also taken into account.
You must submit an application for a green number plate to the registration authority of your main residence, place of business or place of establishment. You can also instruct a representative with your written power of attorney.
If an application form is necessary, you can obtain it in advance from the licensing authority and fill it out at home. Depending on the offer of your licensing authority, a download form or an online service is available via the Internet.
The vehicle must be identified by the registration authority before registration.
Your insurance company will be automatically informed by the registration authority about the allocation of the license plate.
Your vehicle receives a license plate, which must be provided by the registration authority with the stickers (main inspection and stamp sticker).

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