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You enter your place of residence or the place where you want to contact the administration or use the location sensing.


In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a travel trade card


You operate a travel business if you commercially offer goods for sale without a prior order (appointment) and operate outside your commercial establishment or without having one. The same applies if you visit (distribute) orders for goods or purchase goods, offer services or visit orders for services or carry out entertaining activities as a showman or according to the type of showman.

However, there are also activities that can be assigned to the travel industry, but for which a permit requirement is omitted. You do not need a travel trade card in the following cases:

  • They occasionally offer goods for sale at trade fairs, exhibitions, public festivals or on special occasions with the permission of the competent authority;
  • They distribute self-obtained products from agriculture, forestry, vegetable, fruit and horticulture, poultry farming and beekeeping, as well as hunting and fishing;
  • You carry out one of the activities referred to in Paragraph 55(1)(1) of the Industrial Code in your commune of residence or in the municipality of your commercial establishment, provided that the municipality does not have more than 10 000 inhabitants;
  • They dispense milk on the basis of a permit pursuant to § 4 of the Milk and Margarine Act or, in the case of this activity, also milk products.
  • As an insurance intermediary, you broker or conclude insurance contracts within the meaning of § 34d paragraph 6 or paragraph 7 numbers 1 and 2 of the Industrial Code or home savings contracts or advise within the meaning of § 34d paragraph 2 sentence 1 in conjunction with § 34d paragraph 7 sentence 2 as an insurance consultant on insurance or are employed in the commercial enterprise of such.
  • They carry out a trade subject to a licence under federal or state law, for the exercise of which reliability is required, and already have the necessary permit;
  • You broker financial assets as a financial investment intermediary or advise third parties on financial investments within the meaning of § 34f paragraph 3 number 4, also in conjunction with § 34h paragraph 1 sentence 4, GewO or are employed in the commercial enterprise of such;
  • They broker real estate loan agreements or advise third parties on such contracts within the meaning of § 34i paragraph 4, also in connection with § 34i paragraph 5 of the Industrial Code;
  • They shall distribute food or other daily necessities from a non-stationary point of sale or other establishment at regular and shorter intervals in the same place;
  • They offer printed works on public paths, streets, squares or other public places.
  • They seek out other people as part of their business operations.
  • You are active at an event determined in accordance with § 69 GewO in accordance with Title IV (Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Markets).
  • personal reliability

The fees depend on the administrative burden.

You are only allowed to start work when you hand over the travel trade card.


Contact the trade office of your municipality.

  • Each municipality has different forms that you can have sent to you in advance
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance when applying on site: no
  • Online procedure possible: yes

You can apply for the travel trade card at your municipality (trade office). To do this, contact the municipality in which you have your habitual residence or in which the future business will have its registered office.

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digitalization of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

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