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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a fishing license


If you want to go fishing or angling, you need a fishing license. You must carry this with you and show it when required.

A distinction is made between

  • Fishing license, which entitles you to all permitted fishing methods, and
  • Youth, special and peaceful fishing licenses.

Fishing licenses are issued for 1 to 5 years and for life.

You do not need a fishing license if you,

  • assist a holder of a fishing license with fishing,
  • fish during a training course under the supervision of the instructor.

For fishing in the respective waters, you also need a fishing permit (fishing card), which you can obtain from the local fishing clubs or fishing associations and professional fishermen/professional fisherwomen.

Fishing license:

To obtain a fishing license, you must successfully pass the fishing exam. There you must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the following topics:

  • the fish species,
  • the conservation of fish stocks and water management,
  • fishing gear and its use,
  • the treatment of caught fish
  • as well as the regulations of animal, water, nature conservation and animal disease law relevant to fishing.

In order to be admitted to the examination, you must attend a 30-hour preparatory course in which the knowledge required for the examination is taught. Such courses are offered by angling clubs and educational institutions.

Further information can be found on the website https://fischerpruefung.sachsen-anhalt.de.

Youth fishing license:

Young people can only acquire a youth fishing license for which they must have passed a youth fishing examination. The youth fishing license only entitles you to fish for peaceful fish.

Peace fishing license:

People who only want to fish for peaceful fish have the option of acquiring a peaceful fishing license. A peaceful fishing examination must be passed for this.

Special fishing license:

Persons who are unable to take a fishing examination appropriate to their age due to a disability have the option of acquiring a special fishing license. However, the special fishing license only entitles the holder to fish for peaceful fish when accompanied by a person of legal age who holds a fishing license.

  • Certificate of passed examination
  • If applicable, equalization by the upper fishing authority
  • Proof of training as a professional fisherman, if applicable
  • Written declaration in accordance with Annex 4 of the AB-FischG
  • Passport photo (not older than 1 year)
  • if applicable the applicant's last fishing license

Further information on the documents/attachments required in individual cases can be found in Section 12 of the AB-FischG or ask the competent lower fishing authority.

Fees for taking examinations:

- Fishing test from the age of 18 - 60.00 euros
- Fishing examination up to the age of 18 - 30.00 euros
- Peace fishing examination from the age of 18 - 55.00 euros
- Peace fishing examination up to the age of 18 - 25.00 euros
- Youth fishing examination - 25.00 euros
- Confirmation of examination certificates for the youth or peaceful fishing examination by the fishing authority - 5.00 euros

Fees for the issue of fishing licenses:

- Fishing licenses and peaceful fishing licenses for 1 - 4 years: 10.00 euros per year
- Fishing licenses and peaceful fishing licenses for 5 years: 40.00 euros
- Fishing licenses and peaceful fishing licenses for life: 150.00 euros
- Fishing licenses and peaceful fishing licenses for young people from the age of 14 to the age of 18: 4.00 euros per year
- Special fishing licenses for 1 - 5 years: 4.00 euros per year
- Special fishing licenses for life: 65.00 euros
- Youth fishing licenses: 4.00 euros per year.

In addition, the state of Saxony-Anhalt levies a fishing tax for fishery protection measures, fish species protection, fishery research and special fishery management measures:

- Fishing licenses and peaceful fishing licenses for 1 - 5 years: 6.00 euros per year
- Youth fishing licenses and special fishing licenses: 1.00 Euro per year
- Fishing licenses for life: 125.00 euros

Fishing examinations take place at least once a year for each fishing authority. The dates are set by the districts or independent cities (lower fishing authorities).

Registration for the fishing examination must be made at least 4 weeks before the examination date. Places are usually limited.

Please contact the respective lower fishing authority of the districts and independent cities.

You can apply for a fishing license in person or in writing. Another person can also submit the application on your behalf. You must issue this person with a power of attorney.

In addition to the prescribed compulsory course, an online application can be used to prepare to prepare for the written part of the fishing exam. By taking a simulated fishing exam, the online application allows you to assess the level of knowledge you have acquired. Like the "real" exam, the exam simulation comprises a total of 60 questions, each containing 15 questions from the specialist areas of fish knowledge, equipment knowledge, water knowledge and legal knowledge.

Information on acquiring a fishing license (fishing permit) can be obtained from

  • the state angling associations and
  • the State Fishing Association of Saxony-Anhalt e.V.

Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry of Saxony-Anhalt

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