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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Registering a prostitution event


Prostitution events are events organized for an open circle of participants at which at least one of the directly persons present offers sexual services.

If you wish to organize or hold a prostitution event, you must the competent authority at the location of the event 4 weeks before the start of the event.

Prostitution events may only be held in suitable buildings, rooms and other fixed or mobile facilities (prostitution vehicles).

  • General permission to organize or to carry out prostitution events.
  • Operating hours and the operating location must comply with the legal requirements for the protection of all parties involved (prostitutes, young people, neighborhood).
  • The venue must meet the minimum structural requirements.
  • The prostitution event must be managed on site by the operator or the person appointed as a representative.
  • Full name of the operator,
  • Copy of the license for the organization or performance of prostitution events,
  • if persons are to be used as representatives of the operator
    • First and last name and
    • Copy of the proxy permit,
  • the operating concept on which the permit is based operating concept,
  • the event concept relating to the respective event,
  • Place and time of the event,
  • vcompletehe name of the owner of the buildings, rooms or other fixed or mobile facilities used and the owner's declaration of consent,
  • Proof of the minimum structural requirements of the venue.
  • Copies of the registration certificates or alias certificates of the prostitutes who are expected to work at the event,
  • Copies of the agreements concluded with the prostitutes,
  • if a prostitution vehicle is used as an event venue, the valid operating license/operational capability of the vehicle is required,

You must give notice of the event 4 weeks before it begins.


Please contact the respective locally responsible district or the respective independent cityin which the prostitution event is to take place.

If you do not attend the prostitution events, not properly, not completely or not in time register, this constitutes this constitutes an administrative offense constitutes and can be punished with a fine.

You need a permit to hold prostitution events before you can register the event. You can obtain this on application from the locally responsible district or the locally responsible independent city.

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