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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for admission to a distance learning course


All distance learning courses require state approval before they are offered.

The State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) examines distance learning courses with regard to suitability for achieving the course objectives as well as with regard to compliance with consumer protection regulations for the drafting of contracts and participant information.

Distance learning courses must be consistent with the objectives of vocational education and training under the Vocational Training Act or other vocational education and training legislation in terms of content, duration or objective and the way in which they are carried out. Advertising and information, agency activities as well as the drafting of contracts must meet the requirements of the Distance Learning Protection Act.

  • Application form
  • Excerpt from the trade/association register
  • Course planning
  • Registration/contract forms
  • Information material for participants
  • Examination Regulations
  • External requirements, e.g. state training regulations
  • Presentation of teaching materials
  • Materials
  • Concept for quality management
  • Admission fee: 150 % of the course sales price, at least 950,00 Euro
  • in case of admission after initially provisional admission: 200% of the course sales price, at least 950.00 Euro

National Centre for Distance Learning (ZFU)

Peter-Welter-Platz 2

50676 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 921207-0

Fax: +49 221 921207-20


Distance learning courses whose aim is exclusively to supplement other, self-contained independent educational offers and which are only suitable in conjunction with other educational offers do not require admission. In the case of these supplementary distance learning courses, the contract design must comply with the requirements of the Distance Learning Protection Act. Their distribution must be reported to the National Office for Distance Learning.

Head of the State Centre for Distance Learning (ZFU)

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