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Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Registration of a beneficiary to correct the land register


You are a creditor of a claim and cannot enforce the right or property of the debtor because he/she is not registered in the land register?

The land register is incorrect as a result of the non-registration of the beneficiary.

If you have an enforceable title against the debtor, you can file an application for land register correction under section 14 of the Land Register Code. This allows the debtor to be entered in the land register as the legal owner. With registration, enforcement can be continued.

  • Enforceable title against the judgment debtor
  • Written application of the enforcement creditor
  • The land register must be incorrect as a result of the lack of prior entry of an enforcement debtor entitled in rem.
  • No further authorisations, consents or declarations by third parties may be replaced by the application under section 14 GBO.
  • Written application by the judgment creditor
  • Evidence that the land register is incorrect - registration consent of the person concerned or submission of the documents providing evidence of the incorrectness (in the form of § 29 GBO - publicly or publicly certified documents)
  • enforceable title against the unregistered debtor

Depending on the registration as owner or holder of rights

  • No. 14110 KV Annex 1 Court and Notarial Costs Act in the case of registration as owner
  • No. 14120 KV Annex 1 Court and Notarial Costs Act in the case of registration as holder of a mortgage or land charge

Land registry office of the district court where the land register is kept.

Ministry of Justice Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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