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Applying for an extension of a residence permit for refugees


Residence permits are issued for a limited period of time. An extension is possible if the conditions that must be met at the time of the first grant are still met.

There will be no extension if the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has notified that the conditions for revoking refugee recognition are met.

In addition, your residence permit will not be renewed if you have been expelled due to a particularly serious interest in expulsion.

You must urgently ensure that you submit an application for the extension or issuance of another residence permit (e.g. a settlement permit) before the expiry of the period of validity of your residence permit. If the application is submitted in good time, i.e. before the expiry of the time limit, further residence is deemed to be permitted until the decision of the Foreigners' Registration Office with all subsequent effects (e.B. the right to exercise gainful employment). A late application (after the end of the time limit specified in the residence permit) can result in considerable legal disadvantages.

  • The residence permit shall be renewed if the conditions which must be met when it was first issued continue to be met.
  • Existence of an application for renewal
  • There must be no grounds for refusal.
  • Request for extension
  • current biometric photo
  • Previous residence permit

Further documents depend on the facts and can be requested from your contact person.

You are exempt from the fee to extend your residence permit.

If you are issued a new travel document for refugees, the fee is 60 euros from the age of 24 and 38 euros until the 24th year of life.

Apply for the extension of your residence permit at your competent immigration authority in good time before the expiry of the validity. Please inquire about this at your local immigration office.

As a rule, when applying for an extension, you will be informed by the competent immigration authority of the duration of the procedure (about 6 to 8 weeks).

Note: The residence permit/settlement permit is issued as an electronic residence permit

Please contact the Foreigners' Registration Office.

Get from your local immigration authority

Online procedure possible: no

Personal appearance required: yes

As a rule, you must apply for the renewal of your residence permit in person - early before the expiry of the validity of your residence permit - at your competent immigration authority.

Make an appointment with the local immigration authority. You can also find out on the respective website of the Ausländerbörde about the application process and which documents you have to submit in which form.

If your application is granted, the Foreigners' Registration Office instructs Bundesdruckerei to produce the electronic residence permit (eAT) with a new validity date

With regard to the duration of the procedure until the residence permit is handed over, please contact the competent immigration authority.

Because you are in possession of a residence permit on the basis of the granting of refugee status, you are entitled to a settlement permit if you have been in possession of the residence permit for five years if the conditions laid down for this purpose are met.

If, in addition, you can secure the livelihood for yourself and your family predominantly (at least 75%) from your own income and if you have a command of the German language (corresponds to level C 1), you must already be granted the settlement permit if you have been in possession of a residence permit for three years.

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Saxon State Ministry of the Interior

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