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You enter your place of residence or the place where you want to contact the administration or use the location sensing.


In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

Source: BUS Sachsen-Anhalt (Linie6PLus)

Apply for a change to the itinerant trade card


If you want to be self-employed in travel trade, you need a travel trade card.

You operate a travel trade if you are active as a showman, "flying trader" or owner of a market stall, i.e. if you offer your services or goods at constantly changing locations.

According to Section 55 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung), a travelling trade is carried out by anyone who, for commercial purposes, without a prior appointment outside his or her place of business (Section 4(3) of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung)) or without having such a place of business

  • offers goods for sale or seeks out (sells) or purchases orders,
  • offers services or seeks orders for services or
  • performs entertainment activities as a showman or in the manner of a showman.

The content of the travel trade permit may be restricted, it may be issued for a limited period of time and it may be subject to conditions, insofar as this is necessary for the protection of the general public or consumers; under the same conditions, the subsequent inclusion, amendment and supplementation of conditions is also permissible.

Accordingly, you may apply to the competent authority to amend or extend the activities listed in the Travel Trade Permit.

If your travel trade activity changes, you must have your travel trade card amended by the competent authority if it goes beyond the permitted activities.

'In order for the competent authority to subsequently amend or supplement your travel trade card, you must already be in possession of a travel trade card.

  • Identity card
  • Travel trade card

Is based on the respective administrative fee regulations of the state or the fee statutes of the bodies responsible under state law.

The amendment of the travel trade card is to be awaited.

If the documents are complete, the application will be processed promptly.

Objection (Detailed information on how to file an objection can be found in the notice)

Contact your municipality or city.

  • Forms: none
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance for on-site collection: no
  • Online procedure possible: yes

If you have submitted the application for subsequent inclusion, amendment and addition of conditions to your travel business card to your competent authority and all documents are complete, the competent authority will check whether the relevant requirements have been met.

If all documents are complete, your travel business card will be amended.

Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing

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